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September 20, 2015

Harris English

Lake Forest, Illinois

Q. Now you've got to wait and see what your spot is. I know you've been on the doorstep the last couple years getting to the TOUR Championship. What was it like out there for you today?
HARRIS ENGLISH: This golf course wasn't easy. That back nine was really hard. A lot of tucked pins. You've got to be smart aggressive because you want to make a couple birdies to get back in it, but you can't do anything stupid. I had a couple pitching wedges there that I misjudged a little bit and hit into some bad places and missed a couple putts I should have made, but that's golf. I put myself in a pretty good position. I felt like I hit some really good shots coming down the stretch, and we'll see if that's enough.

Q. Did you approach that last putt as kind of a must-make?
HARRIS ENGLISH: I mean, I pretty much did on the whole back nine. I really didn't -- I wanted to make all of them coming down the stretch. I didn't want to put any more pressure on myself, but I got them to go.

Q. Being in this situation the past couple years, what's it like when you're coming down the stretch knowing it's going to keep happening this year?
HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, it's tough. I mean, I need to win about five or six times next year and come in here No. 1 on the FedExCup list and make it a little easier. But it's a challenge. This golf course is tough coming down the stretch. The back nine was playing tough. Wind was swirling around a little bit. It was tough. But I felt like I put myself in good position, was hitting some real good golf shots. I probably needed more putts to go, but we'll see if it's enough.

Q. If you do make it, what would it mean going to East Lake for you?
HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, I mean, it's awesome. It's kind of a goal starting the year each year is to make it to the TOUR Championship. You get in all the majors, and it kind of makes your schedule easier. Yeah, that would be really cool to get back to East Lake, not too far from Athens, a course that I would be familiar with.

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