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September 20, 2015

Alison Lee

St. Leon-Rot, Germany

Q. We're here with Alison Lee. 2&1 victory here in your singles match, after quite an emotional morning for you. How were you able to turn it around and how are your emotions coming off the first tee in the afternoon?
ALISON LEE: You know, I had a lot of great support from my teammates, definitely. As soon as I finished my morning match, the entire team was there for comfort and support. It really got me fired up and ready for the afternoon match. Yeah, definitely lots of emotions and thoughts running through my head before I teed off.

But I just tried to remind myself and focus on this afternoon's match, because I really wanted to get the point. It was a great match.

Q. How was it playing with Gwladys?
ALISON LEE: Gwladys played great. And we were making birdies back and forth with each other. It was a fun match.

Q. What was the atmosphere like in the team room after those fourball matches finished? Was it excitement? Fired up? What was exactly the environment there heading into singles?
ALISON LEE: I would definitely say fired up. Because that was a really important point for us. And definitely after everything that happened, it definitely fired us all up to go and pretty much kill it, kill it this afternoon.

Q. You went out pretty early in the lineup, how important was it to see you going out early and know that you were going to get your win in your singles match?
ALISON LEE: It shows I was really important in this match. When the day started, Europe needed just four more points to win. So I know we had to get a few points up on the board early on in the match. So I'm really happy that I was able to do that.

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