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September 20, 2015

Gerina Piller

St. Leon-Rot, Germany

Q. Obviously emotional. Did you know that that could have ended the matches, if you missed and Europe maintains?
GERINA PILLER: Yes, for some reason I looked up at the board and all I saw was 13 and a half. I'm like this is it, it's all on me. It meant a lot to not let my team down.

Q. Did the controversy this morning serve as fuel for the American team to dig deep today?
GERINA PILLER: Those things happen and we just use those as positive reinforcement. We can't go back and change the past. The only thing that can fix that is making birdies and winning matches.

Q. Biggest putt of your life?
GERINA PILLER: Yes, by far.

Q. (Inaudible.)
GERINA PILLER: It's pretty surreal. I should have made a par on the last hole and shut it out early, but those things happen. And it's nerves. It's the Solheim Cup. And to make that putt, obviously that was -- I looked up and saw there were 13 and a half, and if I missed it, that was it. And so it was huge for me to make that putt.

Q. Just how did you make that putt when you're standing over it and --
GERINA PILLER: I don't know. I was just -- Juli has been talking about playing for the girl in front of you and behind you. I just dug deep. And I really wanted to make that for my team.

Q. You played so well this week and had a phenomenal Solheim Cup. What's the whole experience been like for you and that it could be effectively the winning moment for you guys, because you're up in all matches behind you?
GERINA PILLER: Yeah, to play a really solid game at this stage is a huge confidence booster and I felt that my game was really good this week. And I just -- I have no words.

Q. That was an exciting final couple of putts, wasn't it? First we had to stand there and watch Caroline Masson putt. What was going through your mind at that point?
GERINA PILLER: That's the thing, you can't control what they're doing. You always have to assume that they're going to make it. And obviously I didn't hit a very good iron shot coming in here, so I decided to take the next shot at hand. I kind of didn't want to watch her putt, but unfortunately she missed it and I made it, and it's surreal.

Q. You looked quite calm, were you?
GERINA PILLER: Absolutely not. I find that my tendency when I get nervous is get a little quicker. So I just try to breathe and take my time and really just focus on hitting a great putt.

Q. Your performance this week has been outstanding, and that could be the most crucial moment in the whole Cup, how does that feel?
GERINA PILLER: Well, now it's pretty awesome that I could do that. But it's one of those things it just so happened I looked at the board and it's 13 and a half. I didn't want to be that person, I just didn't. Me and my coach talked about being great and getting up there. So I just told myself, Gerina, just be great, hit this putt, that's all you can do. Just roll it and it will go in.

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