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September 20, 2015

Juli Inkster

St. Leon-Rot, Germany

Q. Amazing result. What did you say to your team?
JULI INKSTER: You know what, I didn't have to say anything to them. Kind of, after this morning, they were all fired up, they were all ready to go out and play.

Last night I put my lineup together and it fell in perfectly the way I wanted it. And the girls just played awesome today. They never gave up Lizette Salas had a huge win. Karine had a great putt. Cristie Kerr was 3-down and she came back. Everybody did their job, and I couldn't be more proud of those girls.

Q. Your older players, Cristie Kerr, she was 8-under par this afternoon. And you picked Paula and you put a lot of faith in Paula. And you put faith in her in foursomes, and she came up trumps?
JULI INKSTER: She did. Even though they lost yesterday. They had to birdie the last five holes to do it. Paula is not that far off. And I just thought maybe it can give her a little confidence getting her out there. I thought she was my perfect person to be my anchor, because if I needed a 4- or 5-footer I knew she would make it.

Q. I'll just ask you about the controversy this morning. Do you think it played a big part in the afternoon proceedings?
JULI INKSTER: I don't know if my team needed to be fired up anymore, but they were real fired up. It's unfortunate it happened. But we played well this afternoon and I can't be more proud of these girls.

Q. Just one question, there's been a couple of controversies over the years, we don't really need any of this stuff going on, something needs to be done, do you think?
JULI INKSTER: Yeah, something -- I don't know why it always happens, but something always happens. I just think we played a lot of matches together and we give a lot of putts together. I think it's something out of the world that's just golf.

Q. Do you think you and Carin Koch will have words and do you think you'll get over it?
JULI INKSTER: I'm over it. We got the Cup.

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