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August 14, 1995

David Wheaton


Q. How hard were the conditions out there?

DAVID WHEATON: They weren't really hard at all. I mean, you play at 7:30, it is not too bad. Playing during the day is, I mean, 50 times tougher, so, the conditions weren't a problem at all, really.

Q. He is coming off a strong week last week and. Talk a little bit about his game tonight?

DAVID WHEATON: Yeah, he played pretty consistently. I made just a ton of unforced errors. I was hitting the ball pretty hard. It's a little faster this week than it was last week. So I think I made a few too many unforced errors.

Q. Is that the balls or the courts or what?

DAVID WHEATON: I think the balls are faster; and the balls and courts are faster, but, you know, I just didn't, as I said, just too many unforced errors. That is the story of it.

Q. At 5-5 in the tiebreaker, you seemed to question that call?

DAVID WHEATON: I actually couldn't see it. He was in the way. From when I hit it is -- I thought it was going in. I didn't really question hard because I didn't see it land.

Q. Did he hit three really good shots at the end, passing shots, that you --

DAVID WHEATON: Yeah, I think he did. He hit some good shots at the end. He raised his game a little bit, and that was the difference in that game.

Q. Do the faster balls and court favor anybody, like Pete or anybody?

DAVID WHEATON: Yeah, I think they favor somebody with a serve and volley game this week. I think even though the weather is pretty humid, balls are still moving pretty fast. I think you will see Rusedski hitting some big serves in the next match because the ball is moving pretty fast. I think he might break the record in that match because it is playing pretty fast out there. I was hitting a serve not usually harder, but it seemed like miles per hour was higher than it usually is for the same amount of effort that goes into the serve, so I think you will see some hard serves this weeks. The balls are fast, the court is fast. I think Rusedski could hit 137, 138.

GREG SHARKO: Anything else?

DAVID WHEATON: Great, thanks.

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