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September 20, 2015

Karine Icher

St. Leon-Rot, Germany

Q. How was it?
KARINE ICHER: Good, I feel great to finish and to be the first point for Europe. Now we need, I think, three more. So I'm going to go back immediately and cheer on my friends.

Q. How was it to play out there on the final day?
KARINE ICHER: It's tough. It's a great golf course. Such good players. They play well. They putt well, they drive far. They're very hard to beat.

Q. The big controversy early this morning. How was the European team talked about, and what do you make of it?
KARINE ICHER: Nobody wants to have that in our group, I mean, to have that kind of situation. Then they have their official -- they talk about it. It's their decision. We just have to go play our game, forget about this morning, what happened and just win your game. If you win every match, it's not going to be any controversy anymore.

Q. Would you have done the same as Suzann Pettersen did?
KARINE ICHER: I don't know. You have to talk with your partner first. I don't know. I don't know.

Q. Hopefully it won't matter, but we'll see.
KARINE ICHER: Every point counts. We're getting closer. It's going to be tough, but I just hope for a good end.

Q. It's been excellent this week?
KARINE ICHER: I tried, yes. It was a fantastic week, good camaraderie with this team. Great crowd. I've never seen that in my life, even U.S. Open. Even to play the Solheim Cup in the States, we never had that. So it was really fun.

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