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September 20, 2015

Alison Lee

Brittany Lincicome

St. Leon-Rot, Germany

Q. Take me through what happened on 17 green after Alison lagged up her birdie attempt.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, I guess just without thinking or she said she actually heard say that's good. I don't know if somebody in the crowd said it. Suzann and Charley were both so far from the hole and already were walking towards 18. So maybe that's why Alison thought she had heard them say it was good, because their backs were almost to us and they were kind of walking away. And then she just picked it up, because she thought she heard somebody say it was good. And they both said, no, we didn't say it was good. I don't know if it was somebody in the crowd that said it.

The putt was a foot. They had given us putts farther than that all day. And Alison just thought she heard it was good. And I don't know what happened.

Q. What did you say for that to happen to a rookie, for Alison to have that, what were your words to her kind of going into 18?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I could tell she was going to be pretty sad. She looked like she wanted to cry. I just told her let's go to 18 and that would be the icing on the cake. If they want to play that way and not be sportsmanship-like, and play games with us like that, we just need to go birdie 18 and put it right back to them. It was such a good match all day, to have it come down to that, it was pretty disappointing.

Q. Now, as you head into singles, is this something that you rally around? What's kind of the feeling now of where you guys stand heading into the singles?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Juli, every time she gives a speech now, it's very motivational. She's pumping us up big. To walk on them, stomp on them, and give them all we've got.

They're playing great and we're playing great. It comes down to who can make the most birdies and who can get up quicker, I think. That's been my issue, especially. I just can't seem to get up early. Hopefully go out on the first couple of holes, get up early and get a nice lead and take control of the match.

Q. Alison, take me through what happened on the 17th green.
ALISON LEE: Well, obviously Charley and Suzann missed their birdie putt and we were all square. And I knew I had a chance to get 1-up on them going into the last hole. And I hit my putt. I missed it, but I had just under two feet, like a foot and a half left coming back. And I looked at it and I thought I heard it was good. I mean, they said they didn't say it was, but I could have sworn I thought I heard it was good. To me it looked good. I mean, it was a really short putt, easy putt. And at the same time Charley was walking off the green and Suzann was already off the green, so there was no doubt in my mind that that putt was good. I didn't even think twice about it. So I just picked it up.

And as soon as I was walking off, if felt like a movie, just looking at everyone just staring at me. Oh, man. But, like I said, there was no doubt in my mind that I thought it was good. I thought I heard it. Charley was walking off. You can see that. And Suzann was off the green.

Now I know that I have to double check and make sure. I guess it's a lesson I learned going into today's match. From now on I just double check and look at them straight in the eye so I can confirm it.

Q. Seeing how your team was rallying around you, and kind of saying how this is motivation for these afternoon matches, how good of a feeling was that to kind of hear all of the support?
ALISON LEE: It was great to hear the support. Obviously I was disappointed, because Brittany and I had the match all around and I thought we had it. And I really wanted to get a point for my team today, this morning. But to see them all out there supporting me, it really meant a lot.

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