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September 20, 2015

Gerina Piller

Stacy Lewis

St. Leon-Rot, Germany

Q. Congratulations, how big a point was that?
STACY LEWIS: It was huge. I think there's just so much relief right now. It was so stressful at the end. Any point right now is big, so definitely needed that one.

Q. Gerina, you both played lovely golf. How tough is it to get back into it straightaway first thing in the morning?
GERINA PILLER: Yeah, it's tough. It's a long week. And I think everyone is fatigued and tired and emotionally drained. But you've just got to dig deep and just kind of put that aside and just really focus on what you're doing, really be mentally tough and mentally focused.

Q. You did talk about playing with Gerina last night and that you wanted to do that. Can you tell us about the partnership you've got going?
STACY LEWIS: Obviously we've done a really good thing. I was actually kind of glad for her last night that we had some darkness. I could tell she was getting tired. I knew I was going to need her on these last couple of holes with their length. I'm proud of her. She's played great golf this week. We matched really well. And now we've got to do it on our own this afternoon.

Q. That was a nervous finish, wasn't it?
STACY LEWIS: Yes, a very nervous finish. I couldn't even watch those last couple of putts. A lot of relief to get that point. We worked hard yesterday to get to that point.

Q. There's obviously a lot of red on the board?
STACY LEWIS: It's always good to get a full point up there, and even for the match behind us to see that we have won. I think that is definitely a momentum booster and I think that definitely puts a little spark in the groups behind us.

Q. A lot of early starts this week. How are the energy levels?
GERINA PILLER: Struggling a little bit this morning, but I think I'm ready to go. These last couple of holes have really got me pumped up. I'm looking forward to this afternoon.

STACY LEWIS: It's been a long week for everybody. We have to keep reminding ourselves the way we feel, they feel, too. So we've just got to fight through it and get your match done as quickly as possible.

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