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September 19, 2015

Carin Koch

St. Leon-Rot, Germany

MODERATOR: I'd like to welcome the European Solheim Cup captain, Carin Koch. Carin, Europe currently leads by 8 points to 5, as you know, and they only need 6 more points in 15 matches to retain the trophy. What do you think about your overall position going into the last day?

CARIN KOCH: I think it's nice, but obviously we have one more day to go. And we have the matches that are still out there and the 12 matches tomorrow. Every player has to go out there and fight for their point and we'll try to get as many as we can.

Q. Carin, will the outcome of tomorrow's fourball matches have any change with the lineup that you have for the singles tomorrow?
CARIN KOCH: Probably not. I think we'll probably do most of it tonight so that the players know what they're doing when they wake up in the morning. But we'll see what happens with those last few matches, as well.

Q. I asked the same question to Juli a few moments ago. Just wondered if we could get your take on what happened first thing this morning, the exchange between you and Juli out on the course?
CARIN KOCH: I thought you were going to ask about the great finishes on the 18th hole. No, we had a discussion and it's good. We finished the discussion and we focused on the golf.

Q. It seemed to evoke a few memories from Denver a couple of years ago, from a few people that were in Colorado then?
CARIN KOCH: No, not really, not to me. No.

Q. As far as you're concerned, it's all done and dusted?
CARIN KOCH: Oh, definitely. It's a long time ago.

Q. Just really want to know, I know you want to talk about some great golf?

Q. Let's just finish this now. Because we were given a version of this by an official of the LPGA Tour who said that it was something to do with vice-captains giving advice. That's what we were told of the argument, and it clearly was an argument, because we saw it, and we couldn't hear it. That's what we were told it's about, and we've reported that. So if that's not correct, please put us right?
CARIN KOCH: I don't really want to comment what the discussion was about this morning.

Q. Well, I mean, it's very difficult to take that. It was obviously something quite heated. And why can't you be more straightforward about it and just tell us what it was?
CARIN KOCH: Because it was a discussion between us and, like we said, I'd like to focus on the golf and forget anything else.

Q. What sanction is there if the vice-captains are found to be giving advice? What sanctions are there available to the opposing captain?
MODERATOR: I can fill you in on that later.

Q. How important do you think the resumption of the matches, the end of these fourballs, how key do you think that is in what happens tomorrow?
CARIN KOCH: Any point, any match is important. Any point we get is going to be important to us. Every match we can win, get a half or a point tomorrow morning will be excellent.

Q. The Americans seem to think that the momentum has swung towards them. How do you feel about that?
CARIN KOCH: Well, you know, we're up in one and down in one of those last two matches that we're all square. So I think it was very nice that we went up in the last one, I guess, just before going in. So I still -- we still feel like we're doing really well. We have eight points. And like you said, we need six more. So I feel great going into tomorrow.

Q. I know you were out there for a lot of that match, can I get your views on that startling comeback by Charley and Suzann this morning?
CARIN KOCH: Oh, just amazing, you know. They made five birdies in a row, I believe.

Q. Five in seven, I think.
CARIN KOCH: Five in seven, yeah. That was amazing. And it's not the first time Suzann does that. That's what it's all about, watching that, for everyone around the world that's watching this tournament to see that and see all the birdies. It's so exciting.

Q. Juli was saying, looking at the overall picture this week, how great it's been for women's golf, the fact that we've had so many spectacular shots and so many great -- so much great action from the players?
CARIN KOCH: Oh, it's fantastic. I think that's the main thing of this event is to show the world how good the golf is. And that match by -- this morning, too, I think with Melissa Reid and -- they were 11-under or something, I think, both teams. Yeah, Melissa Reid and Carlota and Cristie Kerr and Lexi Thompson, they both birdied the last hole, the 18th hole. And Melissa hit like a cut 3-iron in, it's just some fantastic golf. That's what it's all about and the excitement, how emotional the players are and how much they care and how much fun they're having playing. I think that's what it's all about. And I'm just loving it, being part of it.

Q. We were seeing a little emotion being expressed out there. For example, we see Melissa Reid throwing all her energies into her success and also Carlota. Are you getting the same in the team room? Is that energy busting over there, as well?
CARIN KOCH: We definitely have a lot of energy. It's long days, so after the players are quite tired. There's a lot of good team spirit and a lot of energy. We have some good music going on this morning, and it was like 5:45 when we left the hotel, and everyone was just having fun in the bus. Yeah, we're having a lot of fun together and a lot of team spirit. Just loving being with my team.

Q. You were sitting Gwladys Nocera out all day long, although she won a point yesterday. Is there a point to that?
CARIN KOCH: No, she's playing great. And she'll want to be coming out and get her point tomorrow. Just the way the pairings -- just how we got the pairings to work out. It just worked out the best way, we thought, this way. It was really nothing the way she played or anything. Just kind of the whole plan worked out the best for the team.

MODERATOR: Thank you very much, Carin, for joining us this evening. Best of luck tomorrow.

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