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September 19, 2015

Caroline Masson

St. Leon-Rot, Germany

Q. What was it like to share this point after going 1-up before you started this one?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, it's been a really tough match all day. We were never down except going into 18. It was just wonderful to get the half point. It played tough and long. I think we can be really proud playing together in front of the home crowd and taking a half point is pretty good.

Q. There's been a lot of discussion about taking the pressure from you German girls. How impressed are you with Sandra going into this and doing that?
CAROLINE MASSON: It's awesome. She's been playing so great yesterday and today and it's just a fine line between bad pressure and good pressure and good feeling. And I think she's just loving it out here with the crowds. She's enjoying it. That brings out the best in her. It's just wonderful to see.

Q. How was it for you out there?
CAROLINE MASSON: It was tough. I think we all played pretty good. And obviously I had Sandra on my side. She was fantastic. She pulled off the shots and putts when we needed to. And I took -- hit a few good putts when I had to. It was really cool. I'm just happy to get half a point.

Q. You made some great up-and-downs yourself, didn't you?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I'm struggling a little off the tee. If I can keep it in play a little better, I feel like I haven't been hitting my irons good. I was in trouble a little bit. But got some good up-and-downs and made some good putts, it wasn't too bad.

Q. How is it for two Germans at home playing the Solheim, pretty special feeling, I guess?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, it's so special. It's just amazing. It seems like you know everybody. Walking on the fairway, you see people you haven't seen in a while. They've been screaming and supporting. And they've been out here this morning, too, all the way down on 16. Yeah, it's been great so far, and I'm just enjoying every minute.

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