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September 18, 2015

Justin Thomas

Lake Forest, Illinois

Q. Justin, backing up a 65 with a 67, you're well placed after two days. I know you've got a mission this week to get yourself to Atlanta. You might be delighted with the way you started.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, I'm playing really well. I played a lot better than my score was today, believe it or not. I had a lot of good chances and I really hit a lot of good putts, I just kind of burned the edges, and I kind of got in some funky spots where they were a little difficult to read, but overall I'm playing really well, and I'm pleased with where I'm at, so I just need to keep the gas pedal down.

Q. You're just outside the top 30 in the FedExCup standings. Did you have a particular mindset going into this week or is it just free-wheeling it?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Not at all. It's the same mindset every week. I come here to win the tournament and get myself into contention. I try not to look at all the stuff, but I have a pretty good idea that if I'm in contention coming down the last couple holes I'll be okay. I'm just worrying about sticking to my game plan the next few days and seeing what happens.

Q. I heard last night you beat your mate Jordan Spieth, but he made the hole-in-one and you bought the drinks; how did that work?
JUSTIN THOMAS: No, I just got dinner, I didn't do all that stuff. I guess it's the new thing to do. I didn't start it when I made my hole-in-one, unfortunately for me. But yeah, it's a good problem to have, I guess.

Q. 67 after a 65, seems like you're in total control of your game. What's been working this week?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I've hit it well. I made a pretty good amount of putts yesterday, but it played really tough, so although the good shots today got a lot closer than the good shots yesterday because it was so much firmer, and just so much less windy today. Just giving myself a lot of chances. I haven't made as many as I'd like, but it comes with the territory, so hopefully they'll fall this weekend.

Q. How different was the approach with the drastic change in conditions from firm to soggy?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's so much different. It's just a lot of the tee shots, they aren't rolling along quite as far. There's holes where you'd hit 2-iron, sand wedge, and today you're hitting 3-wood, 9-iron, something like that. But everyone is playing the same game, so it's just kind of firing out a little bit more today, especially with ball in hand, so I was glad to post 4-under.

Q. What's the mentality going into the weekend? We're seeing a lot of low scores.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, evidently playing a lot better than I am. Jason Day has been tough to catch, and I think I saw Berger is playing well, too. I'm not too worried about what everyone else is doing. I know if I keep playing well and get some of those putts to fall that are just running over the edge, then I'll be just fine.

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