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September 18, 2015

Brendon Todd

Lake Forest, Illinois

MARK STEVENS: We'd like to welcome Brendon Todd, exciting finish with an eagle 3 at the last on No. 18 to get you to a 63 today, -13 for the tournament. Looks like you'll be with Daniel Berger in second place heading into the third round. Kind of talk about the last hole and that eagle and then we'll have some questions.

BRENDON TODD: Yep, 18 wasn't as downwind today, so not reachable for me, so I laid up, had 78 yards to the front, 83 to the hole for my third. It was just the perfect lob wedge to fly it three or four yards past, and just happened to get the line right with the spin, and it just went right in the middle, so pretty exciting way to finish it up.

MARK STEVENS: We were just talking about a little stress you were dealing with here when you were coming in.

BRENDON TODD: I was telling my wife last night, she was supposed to fly in today, get in around 1:15, and I was supposed to add her name to the hotel reservation, and I didn't do it, so she's been sitting at the bar waiting for me to finish. So I got to speak with the Westin and tell them that that's my wife, add her to the reservation. It was a little frustrating, but sorry.

Q. Just talk about the golf course today and how well it's holding up after the inch and a half of rain last night.
BRENDON TODD: Yeah, it was in such good condition coming into the week. It was dry, and the two inches of rain was noticeable on the fairways, but the greens were perfect, and we played it up today. It was optimal scoring weather, not too much wind, soft greens. They do a very nice job. I expect if we don't get too much rain tonight that they'll dry up and be perfect for the weekend.

Q. Was your wife at the bar watching what you did on 18 today?
BRENDON TODD: I think so. She told me good playing, so I assume she caught a little bit. They don't like to show me on TV, but I think they probably showed that one on 18.

Q. Have you had walk-offs like that, so to speak, on the final hole before?
BRENDON TODD: Man, that's a good question. Probably not. That's probably one of my first hole-outs on the last hole to finish the day. It's a good time for a first.

Q. Yesterday Jason Day mentioned when he was in the locker room, guys were needling him about playing off the ladies' tees. Could you just talk about what he's doing out there and what approach you take when you're chasing a guy who's playing the way he's playing?
BRENDON TODD: Well, Jason is a great guy, and he has been playing really well lately, so he's obviously going to catch a lot of flak in the locker room.

I think for me to play with him, it will be a great experience. I played well with him last year on Sunday of the British Open. We have a great rapport. He's easy to play with. When someone is playing as well as he is, sometimes it takes the pressure off of you just to go out there and play your game and keep up and hopefully just feed off of his momentum just like me and Daniel did the last couple days.

Q. I was just wondering, given the conditions, the fact that there's a couple of drivable par-4s, that 71 seems kind of high for a par out here. In fact Rory said he thought it was more like 66, 67. Would you agree with that?
BRENDON TODD: Well, Rory is the No. 1 player in the world, so he can say things like that. You know, those holes aren't drivable for me. I'm laying up on -- I've laid up on five of the six par-5s and both of the par-4s both days. It's par-71 is the way I see it, and you've got to go out there and put the ball in the hole as fast as you can, and I think it's a great test.

Q. Does the number represent your best round of the year so far do you think?
BRENDON TODD: I think it ties my round at Harbour Town on Saturday. But I think it's tied for my lowest round on TOUR.

Q. And you mentioned -- Jason is your playing partner. It seems like he's always chatting with guys. What's it like playing with him?
BRENDON TODD: He's fantastic. He's one of the friendliest guys out here. I think he handles his career and the way he plays really well, and he likes to have a good time and cut up out there. I'm sure we'll have a good time.

Q. Just how long was your wife waiting in the bar, and any idea what she was drinking, and how did you not getting her on the reservation, how did that play for her?
BRENDON TODD: Because I played well, I probably got off the hook, and she's been there for an hour. She asked how long it would be until I got back. I said, probably another hour, and she said [jokingly], you might have to carry me up from the bar. She'll probably be a few beers or a few glasses of wine in by then.

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