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September 18, 2015

Jordan Spieth

Lake Forest, Illinois

Q. You had a ringside seat for some fireworks out here, Jordan, provided some fireworks of your own.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I feel like I should be paying to come watch some of this. It was special. I mean, I was very pleased with the way we fought back. I was off to -- being patient, off to a bit of a quiet start, watching Jason just go deeper and deeper under par, missed a couple short putts, but the way we finished gave myself a bit of an outside chance, but what he's doing right now on the course is something I haven't witnessed, watched or witnessed in my life. If he continues this pace, then he won't be caught. If he lets up just a little bit, then hopefully we can (inaudible).

Q. You mentioned you missed a couple short putts. Did you struggle with the speed of the greens or with the tempo of your stroke today?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, you know, I felt a lot of tension, just like I have before. That's why I started looking at the hole, tension in my hands on shorter putts. What it comes down to, really, though, is speed. My speed on longer putts, mid-range and shorter putts is the reason I haven't made more. I started to find a bit of a rhythm in the middle of the round today, and then I got to that putt that was really a tricky putt there for par on 12, and it really just threw me for a loop. It was a bad stroke, I left it short. The next one was about the same length and I hit it a little too hard. On greens that are this diabolical and when they get a little bit spiked up, they have to have perfect speed, even on putts from five feet and in. I lost a bit of confidence and gained it back on the last two putts.

Q. Just comment on quite a day.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, another exciting day out here. I mean, all three of us were able to tee it up together again. To be -- Rickie is at 7, I'm at 11, so to be at 36 under par as a group has got to be some kind of a record. Boy, it was just -- there was at least one birdie it seemed like on every hole, sometimes three of them, sometimes two eagles and a birdie. It was an exciting couple days. We had a lot of fun with it, and the way Jason is attacking his game, the confidence he has and the way he's attacking this golf course is going to be hard to match. He's going to have to let up because there's going to be no way to shoot 10-under, 10-under I don't think on the weekend, and I still don't think that will be good enough.

You know, it's something really special out there that he's doing, and we'll see tomorrow as the wind flips to the north and it starts to blow a bit if he doesn't let up and we have a chance to capitalize.

Q. What's it like to see it firsthand?
JORDAN SPIETH: It's interesting, you think it can help you because you can feed off of it, but the second round today, when people have fantastic rounds like yesterday, when great players have great rounds, to come in today then knowing he's the leader and say, you know what, I'm going to do what I can to chase him, I'm going to play aggressive and know that I'm playing the guy who's leading. It's almost like you can go out there and be aggressive, try and make up those four shots, and then all of a sudden you're eight or nine down. It is tough. It's tough to play with. You feel like there's nothing you can do. You try and get a little too aggressive on the greens when you don't feel like you're doing anything wrong, and I'm not doing anything wrong. 11-under is stout for two rounds, but the fact that I could double that and probably not win, well, may as well just try and double it, see what happens.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JORDAN SPIETH: Sure. Yeah, 17 -- coming off 15 and 16, that was very frustrating. That's my second three-putt par. I had one on 14 yesterday, and now on 15 today. Speed control has just been really, really bad. Just lost confidence for those five holes. Really just lost complete confidence in my putter, which is what I had the second round of the Deutsche Bank. But to get the one on 17 and then be aggressive with that shot, flag a 7-iron and make that putt was still tricky. To see that one go, even just one putt for me makes such a big difference. I wish it wasn't the pace. I wish that I couldn't lose confidence so easily but it's nice to be able to get it back that fast. The one on the last I had to make. That's one of the -- probably one of the best shots I've hit in competition in my life was that 3-wood. I needed all of it to carry the water to get it on the green there. The bottom line was it was a shot that you pull off maybe one out of five times, getting it there, if you're lucky.

Q. Is the 18th hole kind of a perfect example of you feel good about yourself and then he rolls that one in --
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, for me and Rickie. I mean, Rickie is -- it described it all. I hit a decent tee shot, not great. Jason hit it up there 40 yards past it. Rickie's driver has been a little bit off, but he's made up for it. It was the two rounds and one hole, it just seemed a lot easier for Jason. The putt was going in no matter what. It had eyes from 12 feet out. You know, the good news is that can turn, and I've seen it turn. It's happened before. People have come back from large margins on the weekend, and I don't know what his lead is. I think it's probably around six.

Q. Five.
JORDAN SPIETH: Five? If a couple mistakes come, there's a lot of guys ready to pounce, and I don't for a second believe I'm out of it. All I'm saying is if he continues to do what he's doing, no one is going to catch him.

Q. Talk about course conditions, how the course changed.
JORDAN SPIETH: It's a bit of a shame because this is such a great -- I like the golf course. It's a bit quirky, it's a bit point A to point B, but you've got some fun holes, some reachable par-5s, some drivable holes, and it would be so good -- it was perfect the way it was playing leading up to yesterday's round. To be lift, clean and place and just to be target practice kind of stinks because it doesn't show the true golf course. But it is what it is, and you've got to make more birdies.

Q. You've seen guys go on tears the past couple years. What makes Jason's run different?
JORDAN SPIETH: I'm not sure. I mean, everyone goes on their tears in their own ways, with their different strengths. I felt like when we were in a groove, I just felt so good with my putter. I was keeping myself in it. I was hitting good wedges, but my putter was doing the talking, right, and Jason's is, as well, but he's also hitting it the furthest and the straightest off the tee. He's not missing many shots at all. I don't know what makes it different from other runs. But those two rounds were the best two consecutive rounds I've seen -- I would consider -- not to talk about myself, but the first two rounds I played at Augusta this year I would compare to that level of blackout; you just don't know what you're doing. You don't care, and you're just going to keep doing it, and that was amazing.

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