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September 18, 2015

Paula Creamer

Morgan Pressel

St. Leon-Rot, Germany

MODERATOR: Joined by two of the American team members, Paula Creamer is here, and also Morgan Pressel. Morning foursomes complete and fourball in the afternoon, which is not yet complete, so let's start with the great news from the morning. Two winners over Anna Nordqvist and Suzann Pettersen. You all never trailed in the match. That was an incredible start.

I actually want to start with you, Morgan, and get your thoughts on Paula. She made the big putt right out of the chute and she closed it with a big putt at the end. There was a message not only by Paula and by Juli as well to put you guys out there. What are your thoughts?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Juli came to me and told me she wanted to put us out first on Friday morning and asked what I thought. And I said, yeah, put us out. We want to set the tone, get out there. We knew what our job was, to get out there and put a point on the board.

Like you said, Paula made a huge putt on the first hole, big fist pump. Didn't look like we were going to win that hole. A little bit of a gift from Suzann's second shot into the green. But still, I mean, great clutch putt there.

And the whole day we played well. We didn't make any real mistakes. We gave ourselves a lot of looks at birdie opportunities, and ended up closing them out on 16.

MODERATOR: Nordqvist and Pettersen had never lost as partners, and they only won two holes in the match. We don't get to live what you guys live out there. Paula, what was it like to live what you lived at that match, from the first part and the end, as well?

PAULA CREAMER: What Morgan said, we had a job, and that was to go out and just win our point, win our match. And alternate shot, it's a fun way to play golf. I hit a lot of tee shots. I don't hit many irons, I hit wedges and I putt on the evens. And that's pretty much it. And then you get another club in your hand at some point. But we're a good team.

This afternoon we just didn't quite bring it as well as we did it in the morning. And Anna played awesome. And we just didn't make as many birdie putts, that's for sure. But all in all, obviously we're a little disappointed, but we have to remember how well we played this morning.

MODERATOR: The faith that Juli Inkster has in you, it was clearly shown. First match out and away we go. What did that mean to you?

PAULA CREAMER: That was big. I was chosen to be on this team for a reason, and obviously I want to go out and hold my own and play well and play well for my team.

Morgan is such a good partner to play with. We've always done very well. We're a very good team. She's one of my best friends on top of that. So I was very comfortable with her and I knew I could go out there. We're not all going to hit perfect shots, we're not going to make all the putts, but I knew she'd be standing right by me no matter what. It showed a lot putting us out first. But it was a smart decision for both of us.

Q. Interesting how momentum can swing so hard in these matches. And with Carlota just holing out that long shot there and swinging the momentum Europe's way, where is the American team going into tonight and then the conclusion of the session?
PAULA CREAMER: Really, honestly, I haven't seen everybody. We were just out watching that group. She's a hole out. That hole-in-one, this happens today. It's one hole. The match isn't over yet, that's for sure. We've got 18 to play tomorrow morning, and we have that other match in the afternoon still going, as well. And we've just got to wake up tomorrow like it's a new beginning after those matches finish.

MODERATOR: Back to the afternoon for you, 4&3 against Anna Nordqvist and Caroline Hedwall. Was there any difference? Is that difficult to come off the high and then get right back into it, and maybe things don't go as well?

PAULA CREAMER: No, it's not difficult to get back out there, no, not at all. That's all we want to do is get out there and play and try to win points and play good golf.

Unfortunately, I kind of didn't have it at the beginning of the match, and Morgan was playing solid for us. And then it was just kind of a little flip flopping back and forth.

Anna just played so well. She was 7- or 8-under par on her own ball, and we just didn't have as many birdies. It is what it is. It's unfortunate, but definitely we're motivated, and I know I am, to get back out there and play some good golf.

MORGAN PRESSEL: Yeah, I mean, this afternoon was hard. I certainly missed a few key putts. The putt on 9 was a big putt to go 3-down. Could have stayed 2-down at that point.

We just made too many mistakes, didn't put any pressure on them. Anna played great, every iron was inside ten feet, 15 feet. And we're not going to win making three birdies against that.

MODERATOR: You guys are going to be the American representatives here in the Media Centre tonight because there are two matches still out there. You as a team, there's a lot of different ways to look at a day like this. I'm guessing you're saying we have the day as a team. There's a lot of golf left to be played and tomorrow is still the conclusion of today. How do you look at it? What would you guys say to your team tonight?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Yeah, I mean, when I was talking to Kerr, when we were done, I said the best part is she holed out and Mel made that great putt on 16, and you can still come out tomorrow morning and win this match. So it doesn't really matter. It will make those shots meaningless in the sense of the points on the board.

That's really the other girls, too, Lang and Gerina, they can pull it out. I think they're 1-down. It's a little hard because we don't have any scoreboards out there to where we know what's going on. They get out there and bring it back around.

I think the rain delay, we definitely needed a little break in their momentum. And then same thing with darkness. The girls were running to 18 tee to tee off, but it was so dark it wasn't appropriate. But they wanted to go out and finish, because they know the momentum is in their favor. So darkness maybe helped us on that side. And time to come out in the morning and get it done.

PAULA CREAMER: Same. She said it pretty perfectly.

MODERATOR: 23 and a half points for both of you coming in here combined, and you added another one today. Congratulations. Good luck tomorrow and thanks for coming in tonight.

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