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September 18, 2015

Melissa Reid

Carlota Ciganda

St. Leon-Rot, Germany

MODERATOR: Thanks so much for joining us, Melissa and Carlota, all square, 17 holes. Can you just tell us about the 17th?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: I had 135 yards to the pin and I was thinking pitching wedge, because I thought I could hit it that hard. My caddie told me a 9-iron, you have to hit it hard. It's cold now you're, so it's not going to fly much. And I hit it, it looked really good. And I didn't hear at the beginning any claps, but at the end the ball went in and I'm so happy. And so happy to help the team.

. We have one more hole to play, so there is nothing yet. I hope we can add a point to the scoreboard.

MODERATOR: Melissa, you came back out really strongly after that weather interruption you had earlier?

MELISSA REID: We had a good birdie on 11, which was -- 11 and 12. I think 11 was probably a bigger putt, because they were closer than me. So, yeah.

And then after the rain delay we kind of just gelled. I made a birdie and Carlota makes an eagle. Yeah, that's probably one of the best matches I've ever been a part of.

It's not finished yet. Obviously we want to finish off in style tomorrow. But, yeah, what a match. Lexi played awesome. I think she's maybe 8- or 9-under. So it's really tough to beat, especially when Cristie is having a couple of birdies, as well. We were 2-down after like five or six holes. It's just the way it goes. Really, really good fun.

Q. What will be your mindset on the last hole and the strategy?
MELISSA REID: Exactly the same. We're going to be up early. We want to give ourselves two birdie opportunities, and that's the strategy. Hopefully we'll make one. Both of us have a good opportunity for it.

Q. Is there a sense of frustration that after what happened on 17 that you couldn't complete the match?
MELISSA REID: I mean, the light was quite bad. We obviously would have carried on. I've played in darker conditions. But, you know, I can understand why they didn't want to play. If I was in that situation and I made a long birdie putt on 16 and then the other team makes an eagle, I probably wouldn't want to play, either. The momentum was with us.

But it is what it is. We'll just be ready for tomorrow.

Q. Carlota, you've hit many good shots in your career, but do you think that one on 17 was perhaps your best?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, I would think so. Being 1-down against Lexi and Cristie Kerr in the Solheim Cup and hitting that shot, yes, a dream come true. Very happy.

Q. Can you take us through when you're standing on the tee at 18 and all this confusion is going on at 17. Did you have any idea what was going on?
MELISSA REID: Not really. We were just on the tee waiting for them and they just didn't turn up. I had a kind of idea. And straightaway Carin said they didn't want to play anymore. They just got in the buggy. We didn't even shake hands or anything, they just left. So we didn't even get a chance to, you know, shake hands or anything. So, yeah, that was pretty much what happened.

Q. Mel, can you tell us what you're feeling when you saw that ball went into the hole? Because on TV you couldn't look more happier. You were jumping, hugging, screaming.
MELISSA REID: Yeah, it's just adrenaline, isn't it? Well, actually apparently Javier says that Carlota really fancies this pin, liked the way it looked. When I didn't hear a clap, I thought maybe it was short. And I don't know what happened, I can't remember. Literally, I just wanted to give this girl a hug. It's just emotion. You do what you just do. It was just an incredible moment. And she's a good girl. I'm really, really happy for her.

Q. How did you feel on the first tee, both this morning and this afternoon?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: For me I was quite well. I think playing in the Solheim Cup, it helps. I remember two years ago I was shaking and I was so nervous. This year I was much better, yeah.

MELISSA REID: It was good. I wasn't hitting the first tee shot this morning, Charley was.

But this afternoon, there's a great buzz around the first tee. That's what it should be like, in that arena, and that's what they've managed to produce. The crowd has been incredible. It's what we play golf for, it's what we practice for is moments like that. It's just an incredible moment, it's something you've got to really cherish.

MODERATOR: Well done. Thanks so much for joining us.

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