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September 17, 2015

Jim Furyk

Lake Forest, Illinois

Q. Jim, thank you very much for spending some time with us. You finished 15 and then you walked off the golf course. Describe exactly why you decided to withdraw from the BMW Championship?
JIM FURYK: Wrist started -- I was a little bit sore towards the end of the week in Boston, a little sore in the off week but kind of in a different area of my wrist. As you mentioned, I had surgery back in 2004, totally different side, totally different area of my wrist, so I really don't think it has anything to do with the surgery. It wasn't that much. Scale of one to 10, it was sore, it was a one or two the last couple days really, here at the pro-am yesterday and it started to get very sore at the end of the day, the last shot I hit of the day, and there was a sharp pain. It bothered me a little bit. I hit a couple of balls after the round but not too much. Just really, again today it's beyond sore. I'm in pain out there and trying to manage it is -- I'm not near a hundred percent. So I don't know if flinching is the right word, but I'm having a hard time getting through the ball on the ground right now. Into the wind, hitting that knock-down and driving the club into the ground is not comfortable. For some reason, wedge shots. Drivers feel the best. You would think the longer club would be more difficult, but the wedges were bothering it. I kind of told Fluff on about, I think after the drive on 14 that I'm going to try to get through another hole or two; if it doesn't start to feel any better, it's pointless. And on 15, of course, I had that little half wedge and it was pretty painful to hit the shot. It's just not worth being out there.

Q. How much would you gauge your concern level with Eastlake just a week away?
JIM FURYK: Oh, I'm very concerned. Basically, I only have two more events to finish out the season, the TOUR Championship next week and then the Presidents Cup. I would like to be ready for both of them, and if I can't get ready for next week, I would like to get ready for the Presidents Cup. But also I want to play with a chance to compete, and right now being out here I have no chance to compete this week with the pain I was feeling and with what I had shot-wise

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