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September 2, 2015

Eugenie Bouchard

New York, NY, USA


6-3, 6-7, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What are you most proud of today?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: The way I kept my nerve at the end of the third. This year I've had a couple matches where it's been tough to close out. I just tried to block that out of my mind, block the outcome as well out of my mind, you know, and just keep playing tennis. Keep trying to play good tennis.

Got tough there at the end, so I'm proud of that.

Q. You showed some signs of frustration towards the end of the second set. Where were you mentally then, and how did you turn it around in the third?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Yeah, I was frustrated. I was serving at 4-3 and 5-4 in the second. Just felt like I wasn't doing the right thing. You know, I think I was a little too hesitant in those games. Yeah, I mean, she was playing solid and making me really work for it.

I don't know. I mean, I just told myself to get back to just trying to play good tennis and forget everything else. I'm happy that I was able to kind of rebound and get a good start in the third.

Q. Did you try to play more aggressive in the third?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I did, yeah. I tried to put more pressure because I felt like that's when I did the best. Try to attack her backhand a bit more, put more pressure on the second serve, but I think in general I actually returned well on the first and second.

Q. Generally how are you feeling confidence-wise after recording two straight wins for the first time in a while?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I know. It's like a huge deal. (Smiling.)

Just confident that I believed in myself in the third. Even when things got tough, I kept the confidence up and the belief. Tried to keep myself going energy-wise. Those are all things that I think helped today.

Those are all things that I didn't do so well in past matches where I've lost. As long as I'm taking a step in the right direction I'm happy with that and I can't ask for more.

Q. How important would you say confidence and belief are to succeeding on the court?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I think it's really important. I had so much confidence last year. This year, after losing a couple matches, I felt like that went down a little bit, even though it shouldn't have. I feel like I'm rebuilding that. It's definitely helping me on the court.

Q. Did you feel your fitness held up so well considering you haven't played too many long matches?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I was not surprised at that. I have been working hard in practice, practicing more than I would like to. Too much.

Yeah, I mean, I felt great in the third. Towards the end of the third it was definitely getting tough.

Yeah, I felt great and I just wanted to keep putting the pressure on. I felt like I could be out there as long as I needed to.

Q. Any thoughts on the Grandstand Court? It's the last year of that court. What are your thoughts on that court?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: It's the last year of it? That's sad. That's my first time playing on it. It's very intimate. I feel like the people are right there. When I go to the back with my towel, I feel like I could touch someone and they could touch me, which would be really weird.

That thought crossed my mind during the match because they're right there. It's really cool. That awkward shade, it's the same for everyone. I really like my experience on Grandstand.

Q. Have you been doing anything differently preparation-wise mentally or physically in this Grand Slam compared to the French and Wimbledon?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Coming into this US Open I've been healthy, so that's I think the biggest point. I think all the other slams this year I had a few things here and there. Didn't get the preparation I needed to.

Coming into this slam, I feel like I did. Even though I didn't play as many matches as I wanted to, I was getting the practice in. That also helps with your confidence, knowing everything's good with your body.

Q. How do you feel about Cibulkova in the third round?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I'm looking forward to it. I've never played her, I don't think. I know she's a really tough competitor. I'm really looking forward to it. I think it will be such a good fight.

She'll probably be more aggressive, or at least stand a bit closer than my opponent today. It will be tough back and forth, but I'm really excited for that.

Q. You volleyed pretty well today.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Thank you. Yeah, I don't know where that came from. I was trying to, you know, finish off the points at the net. My opponent today was standing really far back, so I felt like I had to mix things up and change it up because it was quite different actually than most opponents I've played.

Q. After last year's breakout season, have you felt weighed down by expectations at all, and how have you learned to manage that?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I mean, definitely that's been a huge thing this year, dealing with the expectations, pressure, more attention. Yes, your life changes a little bit. There is an adaptation period.

I feel like I'm past that now. I try not to worry too much about what everyone says and just focus on me. You know, I'm just trying to take a better kind of approach to it.

Yeah, so I feel like I've been doing better with that now.

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