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September 5, 2015

Philipp Kohlscheiber

New York, NY, USA

R. FEDERER/P. Kohlschreiber

6-3, 6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You have obviously played Roger for many years on many different surfaces. Is he playing as well right now as you have ever seen him play?
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER: Well, I thought today the match wasn't that great. Obviously we had many quick points, also some great rallies, but in general, I didn't feel that he was unbelievable today.

I felt more that I wasn't on my best and he was solid and using his knowledge to play the big points well.

Q. So he didn't seem any different to you in his play style as when you have played in the past?
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER: Oh, he always is very aggressive player, of course. Yeah, more solid. He's attacking, of course, but I didn't see so many special things today.

Q. He seems to be rushing the net on the returns, though.
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER: He tried, but I didn't felt he did it too much today. I thought it was twice maybe. One was with a let, went over, and one whatever.

But, yeah, he's aggressive player, aggressive style. Like I mentioned, I thought it was not the best match. That's how I felt on the court.

Q. Next up Davis Cup. Dominican Republic has never even been in the World Group.
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER: So we hope it's not gonna happen against us. We try to win, of course. Obviously we are the stronger team. We are the favorite in this tie.

It's tough conditions away from home, but, yeah, we have the chance to stay in the World Group. We have to fight for it, and it's gonna be not that easy, I would say.

Q. Is it tough when you go in and the expectations are for your team obviously far more experienced and having been in a World Group plenty of times and all that?
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER: Well, I'm not thinking about -- I mean, on the paper, everything is always very easy, but we all know that, like I mentioned, I mean, we play with the crowd behind them, we play in a different stadium and I have never been there. I hear it's very high humidity and very hot, so we have to see how we handle the situation, you know.

So advantage for them. We have maybe more the knowledge about the World Group and Davis Cup ties, but, yeah, never should underestimate your opponent. We are aware of that and it's going to be a tough one.

Q. If I could just add, do you know much about any of their players? Maybe Estrella.
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER: Yeah, he's the only one. Pretty late start in tennis. Very good forehand. He's playing quite tricky. He's playing a lot of slice and the powerful forehand. Obviously he's big No. 1 player. We have to beat him and we have to make the point in doubles against the other opponents.

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