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September 21, 2003

Tim Petrovic


TODD BUDNICK: You finished 20-under 68, talk about the experience first.

TIM PETROVIC: It was a long day. Longer day for my caddy, but he did great. I just tried to pace myself out there. I know it was going to be a long day, and you couldn't -- you can't get out and try to get it all at once. I really didn't press myself out there. Even coming down the stretch I kind of let the golf course and the scores come to me because that's when you usually start making birdies. It seems like you start pressing, then you start making pars and you can make a mistake.

I was in a good frame of mind out there. I drove the ball great, I hit only one bad drive today and it cost me a bogey.

But J.L. played great. 10-under is a great score.

TODD BUDNICK: You started off with a 65 in the first round and backed it up with a 67 in the second today. 12-under par when you started the day, would you have felt good about that?

TIM PETROVIC: I thought -- yeah. I thought if I got to 20, if I got to 20-under, 20-under -- we were playing ball in hand, and it's hard to figure out exactly. But I figure if I got to 20-under, I had a pretty good chance. A guy goes out and shoots 62, I didn't lose the tournament; he won the tournament.

Q. Inaudible?

TIM PETROVIC: Any time you put a ball in the PGA TOUR players' hands and let them tee it up in the fairway and the greens are softer, you are going to be seeing a lot of low scores and birdies, there's no question about it. We were stopping 5-irons on the flags, 4-irons. You put a ball in a player's hands like that, it's a big advantage. And you don't have to worry about divots.

So I'm not really shocked. I knew someone was going to shoot a 62. Fortunately for J.L, it came in the last round.

Q. Inaudible?

TIM PETROVIC: Yeah, the Tour officials talked about it. I'm sure, whether or not -- they sit down and they have meetings about it and they decide exactly what's best for the players. So I thought all in all, that playing the ball up, being the conditions -- you look at some holes are fine. Then you'll go to some other holes and you'll have some wet areas and you can't mark off the hole fairway. I think, yeah, ball-in-hand was the right decision.

TODD BUDNICK: Let's go through your birdies on the final round today.

TIM PETROVIC: 1, I made a nice putt. I probably made about a 15- or 18-footer to get me going in the second round, so that felt pretty good.

No. 4, I made a nice right-to-lefter, caught it down the hill.

No. 5, I laid up again. I think I birdied that hole every day laying up. I had a chance to go for that green a couple of times, and made another birdie there. I hit a really nice half-wedge shot in there probably about a foot. Everything was going good.

8 was a little disappointing. I hit it to the front edge of the green and pitched it, probably four or five feet behind the hole and kind of misread the putt. Missed that birdie putt.

And I bogeyed 9. That was like my little turning point in the round where I really had to stay patient. 9 I was getting a little tired. I was still thinking about the putt and kind of got up there, and so I just hooked it in the woods. The fairways, you can land a plane on that thing, it's 60 yards wide. And not only did I miss it, I hit it off the hole golf hole. I was way left. That was not a good shot. Kind of lost the battle.

Hit some good shots on 11, 12. 13 I took a driver, a lot of guys were laying up and hit like a three-quarter driver and hit it over the bunker about 60, 70 yards to the hole and that's probably one of my favorite shots, that little half-lob-wedge shot and hit that about two feet to get things going there.

Finished off, 16, I 3-putted it. I 3-putted that for par. I hit it the ball to the middle of the green and expected to have a 40 -, 50-footer but not with this big elephant right in my way there. One of the guys was like: "Where is the clown's nose in the windows on that." The thing was all the way in the back. I was almost going to chip it over the hill from on the green, but whatever.

Then I made a couple birdies on last two holes. I figured on 18. I drove it way up there and had a perfect lob-wedge. I had a perfect yardage and hit it right of the hole and hoped I could spin it, maybe knock it in the hole, and I think I hit it about three feet. So that was nice to finish that way.

Q. How do you assess the weekend?

TIM PETROVIC: This place, I didn't really didn't know what to expect. I had never been up here before. The accommodations, first class. The food, probably the best food we've had all year. The staff at the hotel just did an unbelievable job.

There is so much to do. My family is up this week, we did some fishing, we did some putt-putt golf, took them to the playground and they just had everything here. This is probably one of best stops out of the whole year. The golf course, unfortunately we got one bad day of weather but the grounds crew did a phenomenal job getting course ready for us. People were scrambling around for Saturday and Sunday, but the course was in great shape. Could not ask for more.

End of FastScripts.

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