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September 7, 2015

Samantha Stosur

New York, NY, USA


6-4, 6-4

An interview with:


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Not the result you would have wanted today. How did it not go to plan?
SAM STOSUR: Yeah, obviously not the result that I wanted. But I think Flavia played a very, very good match. I was actually quite pleased with the way I played. I feel like there was a couple opportunities I had maybe to break her. She came up with the goods. The second game of the match was my best chance. I wasn't able to capitalize on that. The next time I had breakpoints she came up with, yeah, really good shots off my returns. Can't do anything about that.

Yeah, I don't feel like there was, you know, too much in the match. I thought overall I played well. Just needed to be a little bit better with the standard she was playing.

Q. You've played seven times and she's won seven times. What is it in her game that bothers you so much?
SAM STOSUR: I think she's able to kind of -- the spin that I use and the weapons that I like to do against pretty much every single player doesn't seem to bother her. She can let the spin come out of the ball. Almost looks like she's got lots of time to hit what she wants to hit. She serves very well against me.

Yeah, like my big weapons don't seem to be weapons against her, so that makes life pretty tough.

Q. Did she do what you expected her to do today?
SAM STOSUR: Yeah. I don't think there was anything there that I was really surprised about. But, like I said, I wouldn't necessarily say her serve is always her strong point of her game. But today I feel like she served exceptionally well. When she's putting pressure on my serve, that makes it even harder.

Yeah, the way she played, the style, wasn't anything I was surprised about.

Q. When you play someone with a strong record against you, is there a level as soon as you find yourself behind again, is it like, here we go again?
SAM STOSUR: I feel like that can happen. I didn't feel like that was the case today. I felt going into this match I was playing well enough to win the match. I believed I could win.

Yeah, I mean, there's definitely times -- I think the last time I played her, I probably did feel like that, like I didn't play great after the first few games and then things went quite quickly. That wasn't the case today. I think that's a really important thing that when you are playing against someone who has had the better of you every time, you have to believe that otherwise you might as well not even walk out there.

Q. You had a chance at 5-4. Is there a point you regret or a shot you regret?
SAM STOSUR: Not in that 5-4 game, I don't think. Again, I thought I played a pretty good game. Hit some good returns. She hit a great backhand down the line. I think the other chance I had, she played a good point. Not necessarily on that one.

30-40, her first service game of the match, framing that return, I didn't move up enough. That's probably the one I regret more than anything else.

Q. What are your goals now for the rest of the year?
SAM STOSUR: To try and keep playing at the level I've been able to play this week. I feel like my tennis has picked up. Yeah, I really want to try to keep it there. I've probably gone through stages this year of playing really quite well and then have big dips. Try to avoid that happening again.

I feel like I've put myself in a decent position now, won three matches here, played well today. I want to try to keep in that form.

Q. What are the key things you feel you need to work on?
SAM STOSUR: I mean, every match is kind of different. There's some matches you feel like you serve better, return better, whatever it is. But I feel like overall, yeah, probably serving a bit better. I feel like the start of the clay court tournaments, the start of being on the hard courts, my percentage was pretty low and not so good. I feel like I have better rhythm and timing on my serve again, which is a good thing. There's a lot of things I feel like I'm doing well. You obviously want those to still be better. I'm not going to try to improve something that's not going to help me win my matches. I've got my weapons and that's what I'm going to keep working on.

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