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September 7, 2015

Andy Murray

New York, NY, USA


7-6, 6-3, 6-7, 7-6

An interview with:


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Where would you assess that went wrong for you?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, I was playing against an excellent player. He served extremely well. And I would say, you know, the service game I played at 4-1, I was up 40-Love in the second set, got broken there. Then that was really around the time when I was starting to get the momentum a bit back on my side.

I obviously broke him straight after that, held serve, then had breakpoints the next game. You know, maybe if I'd held serve there at 40-Love, I might have been able to snatch that second set but obviously didn't. Then fought hard through to the end.

Q. The kind of atmosphere playing under the lights on Armstrong, is that something that is only here in New York or do you have that someplace else?
ANDY MURRAY: Look, I played in many great atmospheres. Tonight was obviously very good, as well. You know, the match was a very long one, close. I was trying to use the energy of the crowd as much as I could to help me.

The atmosphere was very good.

Q. Did you feel you were playing at your best today or were you struggling to find your game compared to the previous tournaments?
ANDY MURRAY: It's a tough match. That court is a lot quicker than Ashe. I felt like, you know, I was on the back foot quite a lot. Wasn't able to play that offensively.

But, you know, when you're playing against someone that's playing and has the game style that he does, you're always going to have to do, you know, a fair bit of defending, especially if he serves well.

Q. As tough as it is to lose, is there a place where you can feel good for Kevin who has been around a long time, finally in the quarters of a major?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah. Obviously just now I'm more disappointed for myself. We only came off court 15, 20 minutes ago. It was obviously a big match for him. The way the match went, to come through I'm sure will be good for him in the long run.

Yeah, obviously he's had a very good couple of weeks. The buildup here, then obviously some good wins in this event, too. It's good for him.

Q. Different surfaces and circumstances, but how different was that Kevin Anderson to the one you beat at Queen's?
ANDY MURRAY: I don't think massively different. You know, obviously it's a different surface completely. I played him in Miami earlier this year and also in Valencia last year. We played close matches there on the hard courts.

I think this is his preferred surface. And, yeah, I didn't notice massive changes in his game.

Q. Did you sense there was a different kind of composure to him? Did you feel as if you had gotten into the fifth set he might have gotten tight?
ANDY MURRAY: From my side, like I said, the second set I felt like I was starting to put pressure on him there. When I had the breakpoint at 5-3, I had a backhand pass that I really should have made. When you're playing against players that are at that level, like him, you need to obviously make them think and then give them a chance to get nervous.

The beginning of the fourth set, as well, I think it was his first service game, I had 15-All, hit a dropshot, midcourt forehand, then ended up winning the next couple of points.

You know, I felt like I had my opportunities there but didn't manage to capitalize on them. When you're playing against someone as good as him, you know, it's tough.

Q. Can you just assess Great Britain's chances in the Davis Cup? Also this loss earlier in the tournament than you expected may be a blessing in terms of preparation?
ANDY MURRAY: I don't know if it will be a blessing or not. And I also don't know what their team's going to be. It's quite hard for me to assess their chances until I know what team they're going to put out and what players they're going to select.

I haven't seen it yet. I don't know if it came out today yet. I don't know who's playing, so it's quite tough to know.

Q. How important will the doubles be, though?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, doubles will be important. I think all of the points are. You know, you need first team to get to three. I think everyone has an opportunity to beat everyone. I don't know if there's one match in particular that's more important than the others.

Q. Having played well at the other slams, how big a blow is this for you? That's 18 quarterfinals you made up to this point in Grand Slams, consecutive.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, well, that's obviously something that is disappointing to lose because of that. Obviously that's many years' work that's gone into building that sort of consistency. To lose that is tough.

Also to lose a match like that that was over four hours, tough obviously after a couple of tough matches earlier in the tournament, as well, it's a hard one to lose, for sure.

Q. Glasgow be the perfect pickup back home in Scotland?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I'm looking forward to the tie, yeah. But right now I'm not thinking about that.

Q. Jamie has had a good year. Look like he's in good shape to qualify for the World Tour Finals. Will you stick around and watch his quarterfinals tomorrow?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, it's possible. I haven't thought about what I'm going to do yet. I haven't spent loads of time at home this year. I've been away for quite a long time this summer, as well. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do.

But I'm looking forward to getting a few days home, as well.

Q. You played a lot of tennis recently. Do you think the matches last week or the number of matches you played in recent months played any factor today in terms of fatigue?
ANDY MURRAY: I don't think so. I felt like, you know, I was able to fight as I wanted to through to the end of the match. So I don't think the amount of tennis I played, you know, played a part.

It was more playing against Kevin on the court of that speed, and with him serving as well as he does, it's a tricky match. It comes down to a few points in each set. He managed to get them today.

Q. You mentioned the speed of the court, the previous match you played on Armstrong. When you find yourself scheduled on there...
ANDY MURRAY: No, I didn't think about it today at all like that. I mean, I practiced on the court before the tournament and practiced very well on it. Obviously I had some tough losses there, some tough matches. But I've also had some good wins on that court, as well.

But it's tricky. I've been playing on Ashe. Because of the conditions, Ashe is sheltered from the wind now, a bit slower. Armstrong is a tighter court which is very open. You get a lot of wind in there. It's different conditions and something you need to just try and adjust to.

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