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September 12, 2015

Jamie Murray

John Peers

New York, NY, USA


6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How do you think you performed today?
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah. I thought we played a good match. I felt good on my serve. Returned the ball when I had a chance.

I thought Herbert served very well to me. I think we had some chances in the first set; we didn't manage to get them.

I mean, the last game the guy played some great shots to break us. Yeah, it's disappointing to lose, but it's just the way it is. Sometimes got to.

Q. How tense was that last rally? 14 shots, was it?
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, I wasn't counting when I was playing them, but, yeah, I mean, good rally. That stuff can happen in doubles. Four guys on the court.

It's just -- whatever. I was just playing the ball, and unfortunately the guy had a good reflex and that was it. Game over.

Q. Anything about the way they played?
JAMIE MURRAY: Well, I thought Herbert served very well. Didn't really get much of a sniff on his serve. I didn't really read his serve particularly well.

I thought we had chances on Mahut's serve; we didn't take them. I mean, I hardly lost points serving to Mahut. I don't think John did really either.

Herbert had a few great shots at the right time. I thought that was it.

Q. You must feel like you two are so close to landing one. What are your emotions today?
JOHN PEERS: Yeah, as Jamie said, it was very disappointing. Hurts a bit, but we had a good year. Second final we made in a slam, back to back finals.

Hopefully that puts us close to the O2, which is what our goal was at the start of the year. Jamie will look toward Davis Cup, and then I will start trying to building towards the O2 and Asian swing coming up next.

So you've got to take the positives from it, even though it hurts now. Gives you a bit more hunger to go forward and keep working hard.

Q. You referenced Andy on the court afterwards. How close are you guys, do you think, to making that breakthrough?
JAMIE MURRAY: Don't know. (Smiling.) It was pretty close. It's one of those things. Once you get there, you want to win, don't you? I mean, it's not like we are ever the best players ever that will be making finals every time we step on the court.

Just of course, you know, you never know when you might not get back to one. When you get back to one obviously, you want to win; yeah, didn't happen.

Q. Do you sense there is a real chance to be winning regularly at the top with a number of the senior players getting that much older and you two are very much comparatively younger compared to them?
JAMIE MURRAY: I guess so, but, I mean, they are still around because they are still winning lots.

So, you know, it's up to I guess younger players to try to beat them and overtake them in the rankings. I guess we have done a reasonable job this year of doing that.

I mean, those guys are still winning big tournaments, slams, Masters, that sort of stuff.

Q. As you said, Jamie gets the chance to play Davis Cup; you don't. How disappointing is that? There has been a few reports you might have sour grapes about that. Can you clarify?
JOHN PEERS: I mean, it's tough to not get picked, especially since I'm the highest ranked doubles player by quite a long way. They obviously think they have a team that can win, and gotta give them best of luck. Yeah, it's disappointing. Just keep trying to do what I can do on my own bat and probably turn towards the Olympics next year.

Q. After you lost the Wimbledon final you obviously went straight into Davis Cup. How much of a consolation is it that you kind of got to get straight on it when you leave here?
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, it's good. Yeah, I don't have time to kind of sit around and dwell on the past.

Yeah, I have to fly back tomorrow night. Get to Scotland on Monday and join up with the team, and, yeah, get back into the swing of things at Davis Cup. A lot to look forward to the next week.

Yeah, we have got a great chance to try to get to the final. Playing at home, as well. Lots to look forward to.

Q. What was it like, Grand Slam final, you know, one of the biggest matches of your life, and you walk out on the court where it can take 22,000 and if there are 1000 there I'm probably exaggerating. Was it a flat atmosphere to walk out there?
JAMIE MURRAY: Um, yeah, I mean, of course it would be nice if it was 20,000 people there, but it's never going to be the case, especially if it's the first match of the day three hours before the singles final.

You take what you can get. I'd rather play in the empty stadium in a final and than a full stadium and lose in the first round.

Q. (Question regarding Australian team.)
JOHN PEERS: I just think whichever guys I was going for, I mean I've always got along with Grothy and all the guys on the team. It could have been interesting to see what could have happened, but they have taken the team that they think has the best chance of winning.

I have to give them the best of luck and hopefully they can do it.

Q. Do you understand sort of the reason you didn't get picked? Versatility?
JOHN PEERS: Yes and no. But at the end of the day, doubles is going to come down you to a pretty important match at this tie. It's a little disheartening that I'm not even taken as a fifth to see what could have happened.

But I can't really do more than what I'm doing. Maybe win a slam. Besides that, I'm getting pretty close to what I -- I think I have been doing pretty well and putting my hand up enough times, so hopefully next year maybe get a chance at that.

Q. Jamie, do you think he should have been on the team?
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah. Well, I mean, he's their best doubles player, so, yeah. I guess he should be playing, yeah.

But, they obviously think they have a team that can win, and I guess we'll find out next weekend who's -- yeah, who's better.

Q. Andy said he would like to play all three of Davis Cup, all being well. How big an ask do you think that would be of him?
JAMIE MURRAY: Well, I guess it depends. Obviously he finished here earlier than he would have liked, so he has more time to recover and get ready.

I mean, I guess it also depends what happens on Friday. If he's playing a long match on Friday, then maybe it's harder for him to kind of bounce back on Saturday, knowing that more than likely he'll have to play on Sunday.

Just have to wait and see. It's obviously good news that, you know, he's putting his hand up to play all three days.

Q. You and Dom appear to gel very well against the Bryan brothers in the first round. That is not an issue for you at all?
JAMIE MURRAY: What do you mean, to play Dom?

Q. Yeah.
JAMIE MURRAY: No, of course not. We did a good job there. We have never played before anything, so, yeah, I guess it was probably surprising maybe from both our points of view how well it went.

Yeah, if we end up playing because Andy doesn't want to play on Saturday, then, yeah, I think we're both in good form. Yeah, I think we will still fancy a chance about winning the doubles match.

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