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September 12, 2015

Nicolas Mahut

Pierre-Hugues Herbert

New York, NY, USA


6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. This is your first major title for either of you. Can you describe how that feels for you right now?
PIERRE-HUGUES HERBERT: It feels incredible. I mean, like I said on the court, he came to see me just last year before I played that well in Tokyo and everything, and for a long time he tells me you're a good doubles player.

Last year he believed in me and he said, Let's go do a year. So, I mean, so grateful to be here. I think we don't understand right now what is happening.


PIERRE-HUGUES HERBERT: You do? Me I'm still maybe too young. I don't see it. But, yeah, it's just great, and we had fun, actually. We just had fun on the court. It's everything. The whole week was just fun, was great.

Q. First French team to win this. What does it mean to you, to the country, and how big of a deal is that going to be?
NICOLAS MAHUT: It's big, but I remember back in '85 or '87 something like that, when Noah and Leconte were in the final. I think they had to win this one, and for some reason they didn't.

No, it's great to be the first French team to win this one. Yeah, it's a privilege to hold the trophy, and now it's time to celebrate.

Q. Could you talk a little bit about the match today, the chemistry you had out there, and how the match played out?
PIERRE-HUGUES HERBERT: I mean, I think a lot of Grand Slam finals, when you are new at it, is played before. I mean, you have to prepare. I had my first Grand Slam final in Australia with Nico, and the preparation was not good enough. And so I arrived -- I think I arrived on court not prepared.

I think today we were prepared for that. And even if we had some tough moments like, for example, the beginning where we are Love-40 down, we were calm, remain calm, and we just played our game.

In the end, yeah, I mean, we played great.

NICOLAS MAHUT: The last game was not that good from you.

PIERRE-HUGUES HERBERT: Last game I didn't play that well. (Smiling.)

I think, yeah, because we had good opponents today and I think they played quite a good match. We were able to play even better.

So it's just good to be able to do that in a Grand Slam final.

Q. Do you think it's going to be a compensation for history, compensation for your country and for your personal? I mean, the Four Musketeers winning 27 doubles titles 80 years ago, but since never crossed the line, just the semifinal at the US Open, and you just come and win the title. And personally, as your single achievement always something near but missing the point. Against Djokovic two set points two years ago at the ATP Masters. Nicolas, you have some great achievement in the singles, but always missing something. Do you think this is a compensation, this achievement, for your country and for you?
NICOLAS MAHUT: I don't think that way. Just really happy about winning a slam. That was our goal, to win a slam. We will try to win another one, but we don't think about losing singles or whatever.

I'm just happy about what happened today.

PIERRE-HUGUES HERBERT: I think it feels even greater to win and to know that --

NICOLAS MAHUT: After losing you mean?

PIERRE-HUGUES HERBERT: Not after losing, but to know no French team won it. When you think about it, you are thinking about the musketeers...

NICOLAS MAHUT: The real one or the new ones? (Laughter.)

Q. The old ones.
PIERRE-HUGUES HERBERT: The old ones, 27 titles. (In French.) Brugnon, Lacoste, Borotra, Cochet. O'la la. (In French.)

So, yeah, it's great. 27 semifinal they never won it, and we did it once. Yeah, we had fun. Like I said before, we were not thinking about this before, and I didn't want to think about it. The only thing we are thinking about was play on the court, go, and have fun and play your best.

That's what we did and we won it. Now we can think about what you said.

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