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September 13, 2015

Tommy Paul

New York, NY, USA

T. FRITZ/T. Paul

6-2, 6-7, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Did you think maybe the door had opened over there when he screamed, This guy is impossible to beat. Were you thinking, This might turn around?
TOMMY PAUL: I didn't hear him say that. I wish I heard him say that. (Smiling.)

Q. How is your shoulder?
TOMMY PAUL: It's okay. He played a good match. Not trying to take anything away from him. It was a good match from both of us, I think.

Q. Did you gain hope after the rain delay? You were down a set and a break, so I guess you...
TOMMY PAUL: I mean, before the rain came I was like, All right, let's try and have this match over an hour. Let's get it to an hour. That would be nice.

The rain delay I think helped me out a little bit. I got a little time to think about what I can do. Then I went out and tried to play every point and run down as many balls as I could.

Q. You seemed to -- after you saved that match point at 3-5, did you think back to your quarterfinal match when you had done that at the same time and think maybe you could have it go the same way in this match?
TOMMY PAUL: No. It was a completely different match. With Hong it's more I've got to do most of the -- like the points, I have to play most of the points more aggressive. With him I have to play aggressive and I can't miss.

I have to -- I have to make him feel pressure in the points. It's tough with him.

Q. Do you think you did that, though?
TOMMY PAUL: I thought I did a good job of doing that, yeah.

Q. A lot of long rallies that were to your advantage.
TOMMY PAUL: That was pretty much the game plan. I felt when I was in the long rallies I usually won most of those points.

Q. So this is the end of the juniors for you, did you say?
TOMMY PAUL: Yeah, end of the juniors.

Q. Unfortunately it didn't work out today, but overall assess your junior career.
TOMMY PAUL: I think it was fun. I got to play the three main slams I really wanted to play. It was awesome to have such a good Roland Garros. Then to go and get some experience on the grass, that was fun.

I really think I improved a lot on the grass. It was really helpful for me to go over there. I think I learned a lot and did a lot better on the grass.

Here obviously I played to come out and have fun at the US Open, have fun with the home crowd. I felt I had a lot of fun out here. I was really happy with my tournament.

Q. What's the biggest lesson you learned as you go towards the pros full time from playing juniors?
TOMMY PAUL: It's on and off the court. Everything has to be tennis. You have to take care of your body. I wish I took care of my body a little bit better here. You have to take care of your body on and off the court.

Go to the gym; see the trainers every single day. That's what I'm going to be doing.

Q. I didn't see your earlier matches with him, but how did this compare with those two?
TOMMY PAUL: I think they were all three -- all three of the matches were good matches. All three were three sets. So all three were pretty close. I don't think there was that much of a difference.

Maybe in the third he won a couple of big points at 1-0, 1-0 me, and then 1-All he won a couple big points and got a little more confident and went his way a little bit more.

Q. Talk about those long rallies. What is it about -- do you increase your focus as those rallies are happening? How are you able to sustain and win those?
TOMMY PAUL: Yeah, I mean, long rallies usually I think would go in my favor for him because he's more of a big hitter and likes to play quicker points.

So I think long rallies would go into my favor because I like playing long points. I wouldn't say actually playing long points, but I feel I have a better chance of winning long points. I think my fitness is pretty good. I think that helps.

Q. Do you like it up there?
TOMMY PAUL: Yeah, it's nice. Pretty good. I feel special.

Q. Your thoughts maybe on playing the boys' final while the men's final was going on. Could you hear some of the applause?
TOMMY PAUL: Yeah. Yes, I really wanted to be here watching this actually, but I was excited to be out there on court. I love Court 17, so it was awesome to play on Court 17. I didn't really look up at the score too much, but I caught myself looking up there once or twice. I'd focus.

Q. Obviously in school you go from grade school to junior high, so you were the top and you go to the bottom. You're now at the top; now you're going to be --
TOMMY PAUL: -- back at the bottom again. I'm excited for the whole journey. Like it's going to be fun traveling everywhere and trying to get my ranking up. I'm excited to start over.

Q. Cary next?
TOMMY PAUL: Supposed to play Cary next, but see somebody about my shoulder and take time off, I'm not sure.

Q. When does that start?
TOMMY PAUL: Tuesday. I asked for a Tuesday start. I don't know.

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