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September 12, 2015

Kyle Busch


Q. A runner‑up finish for Kyle Busch tonight, who looked like the only one who could possibly give Matt Kenseth a run for his money. Where did you come up short tonight?
KYLE BUSCH: I'm not sure exactly. Setups are so close that, man, there really wasn't much difference between them. Just Matt Kenseth is that much better than I am. I'm just kidding. But no, I had fun running with Matt or trying to run with Matt. I could only do it for about 10 or 20 laps and then he'd just start driving away. His car was really, really good on the long runs, so good job to those guys on being in victory lane again for Joe Gibbs Racing. We had a fun night tonight. We fought hard, we battled a little bit there with some guys and had to work on our car, but M&M's Crispy is back, I'm sure, and we're back in the Chase, so ready to rock and roll.

Q. How would you assess your team at this point this year versus entering a Chase a year ago?
KYLE BUSCH: Way better. I think the whole team, the whole organization, I think we've improved a lot here the last two, two‑and‑a‑half months, just being able to execute and get some wins, all of us have been, so it's been really, really good to see, and it's so much fun to come to the racetrack knowing that you are that good. I mean, we've just got to do the right things and not screw it up ourselves here at the racetrack. Everyone back at the shop should be real proud of everything we've done and where we've come from. We were struggling last year a little bit and the year before that, and we knew that building cars, pieces, everything, that once it all kind of came together and once we could all hit on everything that we'd have all the pieces then, and it certainly came about May, June, something like that here this year. It's been real fun, and look forward to these final 10 weeks. It's going to be grueling, especially with all my teammates.

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