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September 12, 2015

Jeff Gordon


Q. Jeff Gordon finishes Richmond in seventh tonight. Describe your evening and then the prospect in your 11th Chase in 12 years?
JEFF GORDON: Well, it was a really solid night for our 3M Chevrolet so I'm really proud of all the guys on this team. The car, the first car I was a little nervous, we were hovering around 21st, we made a slight adjustment and boom we started going to the front. I don't know if we were a top‑5 car, but we were definitely a top‑10 car and finished seventh. Excited we finally had a solid night on pit road, on the racetrack, in the race car, communication. Everything was just really solid. That certainly gives us something to be excited about these next ten races and these guys have been working so hard. I know everybody works hard but they just haven't been getting the rewards of that hard work. It's nice to be in the Chase and take that relief and take that breath and now go reset and see what we can do over the next 10.

Q. We saw another example of where Joe Gibbs Racing is as far as their performance goes. Where is Hendrick Motorsports right now and what?
JEFF GORDON: We're behind. We know that. Those guys are unbelievable. But there's a lot of ways to make it to Homestead and there's a lot that can happen and we're working as hard as anybody to try to see what we can do better, learn from our competitors, and try to catch up, but we're definitely playing catch‑up. I think Junior is probably the best in our stable right now and he proved that again tonight, but we work hard together to try to improve for each of us, and if we continue to do that, we'll make gains. There was a lot of pressure in this final season to make that Chase, so I'm glad we got that done.

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