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September 12, 2015

Aric Almirola


Q. One driver has to be celebrating the fact that they got a top 5, but at the same time so close and just missing out on making it into the Chase, Aric Almirola. One thing is for sure, Aric Almirola fought all the way to the very checkered flag. Came up just a little bit short, 17 points short of the Chase. Your thoughts right now?
ARIC ALMIROLA: Disappointed for sure. I drove my heart out tonight. All year long, really. I feel like we've certainly overachieved this year. Our cars just haven't had the speed, and we've managed a way to get good results, and really proud of this race team. Really proud of all of our partners, Smithfield Foods, STP, Air Force, Ford Motor Company. Everybody has done so much to support us, and to come up short, it hurts. We were in it last year and we got a taste of what it was like to be in the Chase. This race team is a great race team and we wanted another shot at it, and we just came up short. Just wasn't meant to be.

Q. Your crew chief Trent Owens rolled the dice a little bit the last pit stop, no fuel, but put you in a position where you had a chance. What were your thoughts at that moment?
ARIC ALMIROLA: My thoughts were to drive as deep into Turn 1 and push Kenseth out of the way and try and get the lead, but he fired really early, like three car lengths before the restart zone which caught me and Logano off guard and he just got a really good jump and I wasn't able to get to him. I wasn't fast enough to beat those guys anyway, but I was certainly going to give it a shot, and I wouldn't have been afraid to put the chrome horn to him.

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