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September 11, 2015

Mi Hyang Lee

Evian-les-Bains, France

Q. Who's your caddie? Has he been on your bag for a while?
MI HYANG LEE: Yes. We start at Ohio.

Q. This year?

Q. How did you guys get matched up?
MI HYANG LEE: Pretty good, because I'm a young player and he's pretty old, 69 years old, so he's the oldest caddie on the Tour. He has a lot of experience, so that's a lot of help for me.

Q. How did you meet?
MI HYANG LEE: Just he caddied for a Spanish player before, so just we met before the Tour every week, and then my dad is trying to talk with him about my caddie, so he'd love to do that one, so yeah, we tried at Ohio to start.

Q. What's his name?
MI HYANG LEE: Mike Harig. I think so.

Q. Does your dad travel with you?
MI HYANG LEE: Yes, yes. My dad is coming.

Q. And does he coach you?
MI HYANG LEE: Oh, no, my coach is coming, also, from Korea.

Q. What does your dad do mostly to help you?
MI HYANG LEE: Just he try and makes me more confident and just comfortable. That's it. They don't do anything.

Q. Supportive?
MI HYANG LEE: Yes, just confidence, and then we can do it, like that.

Q. So he's not one who stands over you on the practice ground and says --
MI HYANG LEE: No, they did, but they're just watching, and then they didn't tell anything to me.

Q. They just watch you? Dad just watches, doesn't say anything?

Q. You were happy to be out there a long time on the practice ground?

Q. You enjoy it?

Q. Good concentration you have, don't you?

Q. How big was your win in Japan last year for you, confidence builder?
MI HYANG LEE: Yeah, that's pretty big, and then first played at the playoff, so that's a good experience for me. Yeah, that tournament is a lot of change in my golf. I think so, yeah.

Q. It was a good turn for your game?
MI HYANG LEE: Yes, that's good.

Q. How big of a goal is it now for you now that you have one win, to win a major? Is it in your sight?
MI HYANG LEE: Yeah, excited, actually. Just I want to play -- just I want to concentrate for one shot, so I don't want to think the score, because a little nervous for me. So yeah, just I want to try just by one shot.

Q. You've played well in the majors this year, pretty well.

Q. Do you think that's because of you winning last year and you're more confident on the bigger stage? Is there any difference?
MI HYANG LEE: I want to win at the major tournaments, so I think I did more concentration maybe.

Q. Concentrated a little more?
MI HYANG LEE: Yes, I think so. And then my dad was doing good pushing at the major tournaments, so that's a little different.

Q. You had a great tee shot on 17, you missed the putt?

Q. How frustrating was that to go to 11-under but kind of try and regroup?
MI HYANG LEE: That's not big deal. That's okay. Just one miss.

Q. Can you tell us, are you very organised in everything you do when you are not playing golf, very tidy at home? Is your bedroom a mess? Are you neat?
MI HYANG LEE: For what?

Q. For clothes, everything at home, tidy?

Q. Everything?

Q. So your mother doesn't have to get cross with you and say, tidy your room? You're not messy?

Q. Can you talk about your birdies on 6, 7 and 9?
MI HYANG LEE: Oh, I made birdies on 6, 7 and 9? Oh, yeah. Actually that birdie is just easy putts because my shot is pretty good.

Q. Short putts?
MI HYANG LEE: Yeah, like two yards, three yards. Hole No. 6, my second shot is pretty good, and then hole No. 7, my third shot is pretty good, and then hole No. 9, my second shot got to the greenside bunker, so that's an easy birdie.

Q. What are you looking forward to the next two days the most?
MI HYANG LEE: Same as today.

Q. Keep going?
MI HYANG LEE: Yeah, just playing golf, that's it. Have fun.

Q. Do you have any hobbies away from golf, anything you do?
MI HYANG LEE: I love baseball, actually, Korean baseball. Yeah, I check my team, the baseball, every day, and I'm trying to watch the baseball, so when I'm going to Korea, I'm going to baseball, studying them, like that. Big fan.

Q. What's the team's name?
MI HYANG LEE: SK Wyverns. I'm cheering for them.

Q. Do you wear their colours?
MI HYANG LEE: No, it's red. Red and white. Not today.

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