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September 3, 2005

Tim Petrovic


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Tim, for joining us for a few minutes in the media center at the Deutsche Bank Championship. You had a solid round out there, and you're in great position going into the weekend.

TIM PETROVIC: Yeah, I made another mental error today completely out of nowhere, I hit a shot, I just looked up said, I think I said, "Oh, my God," went straight in the middle of the lake, straight fairway bunker shot. So I doubled two of the easiest holes out here. But considering I'll only one shot out, I'm pretty happy with that because I basically through about four shots away on those two holes. I managed to erase a couple of mistakes on my putter. Putted really well yesterday, I started out good yesterday and I started out good yesterday, so I was happy to start out, I think I birdied three of the first four holes today.

Q. It was an adventuresome day, did you feel a little out of sync or in sync or what?

TIM PETROVIC: No, I mean, there was no adventure until No. 6 when I hit it in the water. I was pretty much just coasting along and birdied my first four holes today; and birdied 18, finally hit a good tee shot there and hit 7 iron on the green and then made a couple of birdies on 2 and 3. I laid up on No. 2 so I could get my wedge in there. But I started leaking the ball out to the right.

I think I was a little tired; I was at the ballgame last night.

Q. You were in the bunker and you just hooked it left

TIM PETROVIC: I don't know what I did. I just made kind of a lazy swing I guess. I hit it a little fat and it went just left and short. It was just a terrible golf shot. Probably the worst shot I've hit all year.

I think what happened, I wanted to hit an 8 iron and I decided to try a smooth 7 iron, like 175 yards. I didn't hit a very good tee shot, I was pretty far back and it flew into the bunker. You're probably better off going with a full shot out of the bunker and I think I eased up on the shot a little bit and just caught some sand. We've all done it.

Q. Inaudible?

TIM PETROVIC: This is a baseball question?

"How did you play today?"

"Well, how did the Sox do?"

"Well, they didn't win last night."

Q. What time did you get to bed last night?

TIM PETROVIC: I stayed to the end. By the time they got my car out, I probably got back at about 11:30. But I got to sleep in.

Q. Fighting a cold?

TIM PETROVIC: Yeah, my daughter has got it so I woke up, on top of that, bruised arm, sore ribs, so like you said, beware of the sick golfer.

Q. What flavor Day Quil do you recommend?

TIM PETROVIC: I don't know, the non drowsy kind. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have made it 18 holes.

Q. Is it too far out to start thinking TOUR Championship? .

TIM PETROVIC: Just trying to go week to week. I'm going to take next week off and rest up a little bit. It's kind of down the road. I don't think I'm playing many more tournaments. I say that, and then I start ticking them off and then there's five more have got to play. That's absolutely one of my goals at the beginning of the year, Top 30. I missed out a couple years ago I made a little run at the end and just missed out. That would definitely make the year. That would be the cherry on top of the cake or the whatever, sundae, whatever, after winning.

I was thinking about New Orleans most of the day, watching that stuff on TV, I wasn't even thinking about golf most of the day. Just hope they can regroup down there, I'm not even concerned we're concerned about the golf course but there's other issues to deal with down there at this point. Hopefully they can get people out of there and get the water out to the city and get the city running. With the city not running, there is no golf tournament down there.

So hopefully we'll see some good news in the next couple of days. I think they have water and food actually coming in on a regular basis, so that's basically where my mind was most of the day.

Q. Inaudible?

TIM PETROVIC: John Subers was here this week, he's from the Zurich Classic, and he had not gotten in touch with anybody this was Tuesday and Wednesday. All of the phone lines are down; the towers are all knocked down. They are trying to find their people that work at the golf course and they just haven't gotten through to anybody.

I feel helpless, because I want to do something, but it's not even a money thing right now. They need to get people in there and they are finally getting food and water. They just need hands on, they don't want money, they just want to get out of there. Hopefully we get some good news by Monday.

People are asking me about it, obviously because I won there, so I am sensitive to it, but I feel a bit helpless. I want to do something and there's really nothing I can do at this point. It's kind of tough. Kind of tough to watch it.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Let's go through your birdies.

TIM PETROVIC: Yeah, No. 10, just hit a nice little 3 wood off the tee and just hit a beautiful little 7 iron in there. Ball is really not flying that far this week, I don't know why. I think we're not at 6,000 feet anymore, but I'm kind of smoothing all of my iron shots in there this week.

I think the biggest shot of the day was on 11. 11 is probably the hardest hole to birdie out here, it's a 240 yard par 3. Hit a nice little utility club through the green, all three of us, just caught a terrible lie, one of those lies that, okay, do I putt it out, do I try to pop it out or do I take a swing and hit like a bunker shot. I decided to take a swing at it and it just came out perfect. It just plopped on the green and rolled down to the hole. That gave me a boost.

And I hit another great iron shot on No. 12, they had the pin way back on the right corner, it's a hard pin to get to. It's a little easier at this point because the greens are a little softer. Normally the greens are a little harder and you just can't hold anything back on that right side. I made a nice 10 foot putt there.

13, I hit it to five feet. I hit a nice tee shot there and I think I hit an 8 iron in there, just hit a real nice shot, and actually didn't over read the putt for a change and knocked it right in the middle. So that was a nice start, just getting off birdieing the first four after kind of limping home yesterday, I think I shot 3 over, I shot 30 on the front and limped home with a 3 over on the back. I wasn't really that happy, but probably the best thing I did yesterday leading into today was probably laying up on 18, even though I made par, it's really hard after you've given some shots away to try to make something happen. Just took my medicine, wedged it on and got my par and got out of there, because I probably could have made a bogey and that would not give me any kind of momentum going into today.

On 16, just another shot to the right, no shocker there, all of my misses to the today were to the right. It was a lot of club, I probably could have hit 6 iron but short is no good there, either, so that's water. I just blocked it out. It was a terrible swing. Just took my medicine there, just pitched it on the green, about 15 feet. I almost made the putt but I walked out of there.

Made a nice birdie on 18. Finally drove it over the bunkers and had an opportunity to hit the green with a 7 iron and almost made the eagle putt. Had about two inch putt for birdie. That was a nice way to finish the nine and get some momentum going for the other nine.

I think the greens were still just about as soft as they were yesterday. I think the fairways are drying out a little bit, so I don't think it played as long as it did yesterday. For some reason yesterday the ball just wasn't running. It depends where you hit it, but I think the conditions were about the same both days I think. A little breezy in the afternoon. I think yesterday afternoon it was breezy. I think it was about the same.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: And birdie on 2?

TIM PETROVIC: I hit a tee shot out to the right, no shocker there, right, and just laid up, hit a nice lay up shot, I was talking to Joey, it's hard to lay it up 80 yards from the green because it gets narrow there. I hit a nice shot out of the rough and had a full lob wedge in there and hit it about four feet, four or five feet. I had about a six footer and made a nice read there. It was a tough putt. It was the kind of putt you look at, it looks like it's going to break but you've just got to trust that it's not going to break, and I hit it right in the middle.

No. 3, it's always a bonus out here to birdie a par 3 and I birdied I think I birdied two of them today. So just hit a conservative shot, middle of the green, use the slope and rolled it down there about 20 feet and made the putt, made a nice read on it. I just hit a bad tee shot to the right again, we'll work on that. I actually missed one to the left today. Just chunked it, chunked it right in the water, no excuses, just a terrible shot and just kind of had about a 10 footer there to save bogey and I missed that. Yesterday I had a 10 footer, and made a double on another hole yesterday and I had a 10 footer to save bogey there. That was just one of those fluke things that happens in golf.

7 really helped because I hit the fairway off the tee, laid it up and had a nice full lob wedge in there, maybe a three quarter lob wedge from about 83 yards and hit it in there about a foot. So it was nice to get that birdie, get that stroke back and bounce back.

I made a nice save on 8 out of the bunker, so I actually felt like I got two shots back.

End of FastScripts.

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