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September 7, 2015

William McGirt

Norton, Massachusetts

Q. You began the day in the mid-70s, so you knew you needed to step on the pedal a little bit. What was it like going out there knowing what was on the line?
WILLIAM McGIRT: Well, I really wasn't worried about it. I can have four weeks off, or I can have three weeks off, it doesn't matter. I just tried to go out the best I could today. We were thinking 3- or 4-under all day. I thought 3-under would have got it done.

Q. One of the loudest roars we heard all day, and you didn't even see the shot from the middle of the fairway at 17. What did you do right there?
WILLIAM McGIRT: You know, we had so much trouble on that back nine figuring out the wind.

Q. Folks, he literally did not see the shot back in the fairway?
WILLIAM McGIRT: It just landed in the shadow. The hole was in the shadow so we couldn't see it. I was just trying to hold off a 7-iron and hoping the wind wouldn't take it right. It came off perfect.

Q. After you calmed yourself down and got to the par-5 18, A, did you know where you stood, and, B, what was going through your body at that time, if you did know where you stood?
WILLIAM McGIRT: Well, right before I hit the shot on 17 Brandon said he looked at the leaderboard (inaudible.) And I kind of knew coming down 18 I needed to make birdie. And I was looking at the flag, it was ripping straight right-to-left. And I kind of tried to hit it kind of split, and it came off and it was right, trickled into the rough on the downslope. I knew there was no chance of holding that green. Even if it lands short, if it lands short it's coming in (inaudible.) But same thing on the wedge shot, kind of figure out the wind, still pumping right-to-left. It got knocked straight down and to the right.

Q. Keegan told us earlier this is more stressful than Q-School. For you, what was it like, especially the back nine?
WILLIAM McGIRT: I didn't feel under stress at all today. I had nothing to lose. We were trying to go out there and shoot 3- or 4-under. And got off to a decent start on the front. Hit it in the hazard on 2 and made bogey there. But hit a lot of good putts. The back nine, just figuring out the wind was impossible. I mean I had 143 to the hole and it felt like it was straight into the wind, maybe slightly off to the left on 12. And I just three-quartered an 8-iron and it flew it 170 yards. I had no clue. To top it off there's no rough back there, they've got it 30 yards down the hill in the hazard. Just figuring out the wind all day was borderline impossible. It's just the way it is. It's golf.

Q. Even after all these years you were at Barclays when you played your way in?
WILLIAM McGIRT: Yeah, it was my rookie year. I played my way in at Greensboro. You know the story about 17.

Q. So when you hole it at 17 what are you thinking as you walk to 18?
WILLIAM McGIRT: I'm thinking I need to make 4 to make sure. And like I said, I thought I hit a good tee shot and the wind doesn't touch it. If it's back two or three feet on the flat, with the same line to the rough, I'm probably hitting 4 into the green, but just enough downslope that getting it in the air and keeping it in the air to cover -- really 205 to be comfortably covering the hazard. But there again, you don't know if it's going to the hit hot and run over the green. We kind of liked our chances better from the fairway hitting a wedge shot.

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