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September 7, 2015

Charley Hoffman

Norton, Massachusetts

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You never know with The Presidents Cup coming around the corner, and obviously FedExCup. It was a good finish, and obviously we'd like a little bit more out of this week, but pretty happy.

Q. How about the day yesterday, was the only day in the whole week that nothing really happened for you. Otherwise you had three superb days.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, the putter went south early and got a little tentative.

Q. You finished in fantastic style.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I wasn't trying to land it right at the hole. Trying to squeeze a little 7-iron.

Q. And then of course playing 18, what was your choice of club off the tee?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Driver off the tee. Need to get down there if I have a chance to hold that green. In between 6 and 7-iron in there. And I went with 6-iron knowing I needed to hit one close. Hit a really good shot, landed where I wanted to. Landed softer there, shorter than I expected it to. Had a decent look at eagle.

Q. How tricky are those closing holes?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: 16 is playing really hard into the wind this week. All those holes, you've got to hit it in the fairway. You never know what's going to happen.

Q. Just before you go to Chicago, just a little victory, that must be a cherry to go off to when you get to the BMW?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Obviously want to continue this momentum. It's nice to get a good week under my belt. I haven't had a good week for a while. Good to ride that momentum and finish the week off.

Q. 5-under par 66. Great way to respond after such a difficult day for you.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yesterday was just a little low with the putter, and obviously it's hard to score well when you're missing 3 or 4 footers. I let that affect me through the middle of the round. Actually finished all right yesterday.

But today was another good day, I hit some good shots and had some good saves on the front end to keep the momentum going. Really happy with the finish birdieing the last two.

Q. Did you work on your putting after your round last night? Was there something different you changed for today?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I noticed I was moving off a little bit with the chest at impact. My key today was to keep that chest down and let the arms swing by and everything worked out.

Q. We've had obvious circumstances to play for, The Presidents Cup, namely. 16th in the standings, looks like you're going to finish outright third here, how are you feeling about the situation?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Like I said, it all comes together. Hopefully I weasel onto that team. It would be nice obviously to experience and go play for my country. We'll see. If not maybe I open up his eyes and maybe get a pick. We'll see.

Q. Say you're in the captain's pick position, are you confident Jay Haas would pick you?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You know, there's a lot of valued golfers, you have Phil, you have his son. You have a ton of guys that are just as deserving as me as a pick. It's hard to leave Phil off and obviously it would be hard not to pick your son if I was Jay. We'll see, hopefully -- I'd love to play for the team and have an opportunity.

Q. How much of a goal was it to make it on the team?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: To be honest with you, it wasn't much of a goal. I just wanted to play good golf. Like I said, you play good golf, you end up being on those teams. It wasn't a huge goal. Obviously I'll take it if I get on it.

Q. How sweet was it to see your family out there?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It always is. They travel about 99 percent of the time. It's nice to finish up on Sunday and see their smiles and their faces.

Q. Makes it worth it after maybe not having the finish in the tournament that you wanted?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yesterday was obviously a big disappointment. But to be able to bounce back from a round like that, shows a lot about my character and who I am.

Q. What was your frame of mind coming in today after your round yesterday?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Play golf like I did the first two days. I knew yesterday was sort of an anomaly. But obviously happy with the way I bounced back.

Q. What was the problem yesterday?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: The putter. I missed a few short putts early, which never helps. And I got a few bad breaks through the middle of the round. And next thing you know you're four or five over par and sort of held on to that coming in. Just like today, the breeze is up and the greens got firm, it's hard to make birdies out there.

Q. What got you going today?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I made some good putts early. And made a good par save on 1. Made a 10, 12-footer on 2. Made a 3 on 3. A good 3 on 4. And it was a big momentum change.

Q. (Inaudible.)
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It's just sort of what I made of. I'm not going to let one round bring me down. I've played a lot of golf. I'll have a bad round sooner or later. Hopefully the good ones outweigh those bad ones.

Q. When did you start thinking The Presidents Cup might be a realistic possibility?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I mean I knew if I played good golf coming into the majors and the end of the season I'd have a chance. Obviously I haven't played as well as I wanted to. The golf courses didn't set up to my liking. And obviously got here to one that I really like and played well.

Q. Is this the closest you've ever come?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: The Ryder Cup year I was pretty close when I won here. And I know Corey was thinking about picking me that year. We'll see. Hopefully it's not a disappointing phone call and hopefully I have a chance to be on that team.

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