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September 7, 2015

Rickie Fowler

Norton, Massachusetts

JOHN BUSH: We'd like to welcome the 2015 Deutsche Bank Championship winner, Rickie Fowler, into the interview room.

That's quite a show you and Henrik put on today. Talk a little bit about the final round and winning for the second time on the PGA Tour this season.

RICKIE FOWLER: It was a tough battle going out early. Was 3 back at one point, and I told my caddie after seeing some of the scoreboards, and seeing that some of the guys weren't really playing that well or weren't catching up to the two of us. And I said, it would be great if Henrik and I can kind of distance ourselves and make it a bit of our own tournament and just go have a shoot out together. We were able to kind of do that somewhat.

There was a big swing on 11 when I made birdie and he made bogey and really felt like I was back in a position to have some fun and go get the win. So to be able to go play the last seven holes really just head-to-head with Henrik and go back and forth. There wasn't a whole lot of mistakes made. 16 for Henrik. And then we both didn't make any putts on 17 and 18. It was a lot of fun just going back and forth. Just a fun day and pretty awesome to come back on top.

Q. You moved to No. 3 on the FedExCup and you're now a lock to be in the top-5 going into The TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola. Just comment a little bit about your goals and how they may change now?
RICKIE FOWLER: Well, the goal was to get to Atlanta and to be in The TOUR Championship. So, yeah, we've got that taken care of.

What would be awesome is to get a good week off, get some good practice, get rested up, get some work in the gym, make sure everything is ready to go for the two last events of the playoffs and be great to continue to play well, play well at Conway Farms and ultimately put myself in a position at East Lake to win. And then have a chance to win the FedExCup playoffs.

Q. Congratulations. What was your reaction when Henrik hit the ball short of the green on 16?
RICKIE FOWLER: I was pretty surprised. I was surprised that mine didn't get as far back. And I was -- his in the air seemed like it got hurt a little bit more and hit by the wind. But it definitely was a shock to me when I saw it land and come back in the water. I thought it was fine.

Q. In any way was your heart racing thinking, hey, I have a really good chance to win this thing now, I just have to hold it together?
RICKIE FOWLER: No, I wasn't thinking about winning at point. I knew there was going to be a swing, at least one shot. He could still get the ball up and down for four. And I was ready to go make my putt. And I hit a great putt there, just left it short in the heart.

So there was still a lot of golf to be played. 17 and 18 are both birdie holes with the right shots. And I was able to give myself looks and same with Henrik. And I was fortunate that he didn't make one of those, if not both.

So, no, I never got ahead of myself out there. I made sure I stayed in the moment and made sure that I was taking care of my business. And like I said, still a lot of golf to be played.

Q. The previous victories you've had on Tour came in playoff holes and you were going up against guys like Henrik Stenson today and Sergio Garcia, Rory McIlroy. And here you are today in a different type playoff, more at stake. How did those situations kind of prepare you for today?
RICKIE FOWLER: Well, being in a playoff you're going head-to-head with one guy or two guys and really that's how it was with Henrik and I. Being at the last with 1-up I'm just trying to make four there. And hit some great shots. I just pulled the 7-iron a little bit from the fairway or it looked like it almost hung up on the green and just rolled off. Being in those positions before I definitely felt very calm out there. I knew what I was trying to do. Knew what I had to do. And was very much ready to do it.

Q. All the talk before this week was about three 20-somethings that didn't include you. And prior to THE PLAYERS Championship there was a poll that came out and called you overrated. Are you someone that uses stuff like that for motivation?
RICKIE FOWLER: No, not so much. I definitely want to be the best player that I can be. I want to be the best player in the world at some point. But, yes, being called overrated, I won three times, so thanks for the poll, I guess (laughter.) Sure.

No, I've been playing very well the last couple of years, it was just a matter of time before I knocked on the door. It was maybe unfortunate that the poll came out at that time and it was just coincidence that I won at that time.

And with the three guys that they talk about, Jason, Rory and Jordan, they've clearly played the best out of anyone over the past few months to couple of years. So I'm trying to be a small fourth thrown in there. But there's a lot of other really good young players playing well right now, as well.

Q. Entering this year there was a stigma around you and Jason that you were both very talented players who maybe hadn't won quite enough. Now that you've combined for seven wins this year. What does that tell us? And is there a lesson for the rest of us?
RICKIE FOWLER: These guys are good. No, it's not easy to win out here. And I just talked about that, just kind of time to knock on the door and just wait for that to happen and continue to play well.

And Jason was probably in a very similar position. He's so much fun to watch. He's a very talented player, and I've enjoyed playing with him. We're good buddies and have a good time when we do get paired together. It's been great to see him win. He goes out there and when he has it it's almost like he goes out and dominates like he did at the PGA. It's pretty impressive to watch.

With the two of us being possibly looked at with not many wins, it's been a big year for the two of us to step up and get the job done a few times.

Q. You had that three/four win at 16, I think it was, at Sawgrass when you won there earlier this year. Was there an equivalent shot to that today? And secondly, can you maybe take us through 18, a hole that I think you parred it every day, it's a bit of a quirky hole for a finish, and obviously Henrik needing birdie there and your mindset coming in there?
RICKIE FOWLER: My best shot today, circumstance and getting things going was probably on 11. I hit a 5-wood in there to that back right pin. That hole is 240 back into the wind. It's not exactly an easy par-3. To make a 2 there and get a 2-shot swing and get myself back in that was big.

But I made some other good swings coming in, as well. The shot into 16. I made a couple of good putts, too. But I hit a perfect shot into 17. Great drive on 18. The 7-iron I just pulled a fraction. But I hit it great, didn't mis-hit it. I made a good swing.

Yeah, I played 18 kind of poorly this week with all pars. And I couple were good pars, making putts for par, getting up and down. So it's a tough little hole. If you hit a good drive you have to hit a really good second shot to possibly make three or four. And you miss the green in the wrong spot it becomes a very difficult par.

Q. If I can go back to the beginning of your round, your opening tee shot, what was the internal language, feeling, going on when that ball was coming off the club head? And then you made par, what did that do for you? And also eagling the second hole?
RICKIE FOWLER: Well, no pictures on the scorecard. It was a good 4. When it came off it was like, dang, I hit that in the center of the face, but it's not going under the right direction. I actually hit it right in the middle. It felt good, just went left. To walk away with 4 there was nice to get out of trouble. Hit a good pitch from 55 yards and make a good putt. Kind of set me up to kind of calm things down inside for me.

To go to the second hole, hit a great drive, great 7-iron, made the putt. Unfortunately making bogeys after that.

But, yeah, I may have gotten lucky to make four in a way. Not that I got a good break or a good lie down there, just hit some good shots. Got myself out of the possibility of making bogey or worse. And to take advantage of 2, which is a hole that I haven't played well in the past, it finally -- it owed me. So I got one back there.

And, yeah, it was an interesting start. But we were 1-under going through 3. And after making bogey it was fine. And even through 4, just kind of kept trying to move forward and put the bad swings behind us and keep chasing Henrik.

Q. That tee box on 16, this was the first time all tournament it had been used. Did you practice that back there a lot during your practice rounds and did you feel -- I think Henrik mentioned a little bit of wind coming at you. I think he said you used 6 and he went with a 7?
RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, I hit one ball from back there on the practice round, because it is a new tee this year. I felt like they did a good job with the setup this week on 16, varying the tee boxes a bit, using the front tee to the front pin. The middle tee to the top, middle left is a good tee box there. To the back left it's really the only fair pin to use the back tee. It gives you a chance to use the contours and get the ball back there. It may be a little much to try to use it for some of the front pins.

So I hit the shot exactly how I wanted to. It didn't quite carry as far as I thought. And hit it -- hit my lines perfect, it started where I wanted to and drifted in there just right of the hole.

Q. Seems like you've made a habit of bombing drives on the 18th hole, especially when you're in contention. Can you confirm that? What do you think of your drive on 18 today?
RICKIE FOWLER: I hit that one soft. But I didn't feel like hitting 3-wood. We had a little bit of help. And downwind we do hit 3-wood, and it will carry the bunkers and chase down there.

Yesterday we had similar conditions with it down off the right and just hit a similar drive and was in the perfect position. But being in the situation it was warmer today, the ball was going further. And the course had dried out quite a bit more. So in that case it went a little further, ran down there, and luckily there's just enough room down there in the neck. I hit it perfect. I made a great swing.

And it is nice to be able to look back and look at The PLAYERS to the Scottish Open and remember the drives that I hit there to give me that little boost of confidence when I need it.

Q. Going back to the The PLAYERS. If that victory was sort of a validation from you, a response to the overrated poll and everything, what does this victory mean, where do you rate this one?
RICKIE FOWLER: This is bonus material, here. We came into the season obviously wanting to play well in the majors and to win a major; wasn't able to do that. But we wanted to win, and win more than once. So we've done that.

And now it's about getting myself in a great position for Atlanta and to see if we can get some more wins this season. I don't want to stop. I like coming and hanging out here late on the final day. It's good with me.

Q. I want to ask you about the crowd today. They were obviously pro Rickie Fowler. Have you played in any other environment like this where they've been that boisterous and called "Rickie Fowler" towards the end of the tournament?
RICKIE FOWLER: Probably not. I mean as far as loud, in Scottsdale when we played coming down 16, 17 and 18 there it gets pretty loud. But seemed like the volume was up all day out there today.

Q. I just had a question about your outfit, signature hat. Just for your fans, what size is that hat you have on?
RICKIE FOWLER: I don't know if I should give away my hat size.

Q. They want to know.
RICKIE FOWLER: I have a small noggin, up here, this is a snap back, so no size on it. I wear a size 7. I know, I'm a little kid.

JOHN BUSH: Rickie Fowler, congratulations once again.

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