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September 5, 2015

Kevin Chappell

Norton, Massachusetts

Q. 4-under, 67. The second round. Did you get all you could out of it?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Definitely not. There were some struggles there in the middle of the front nine, of my front nine on the back. I fought hard and turned it under par. And then brain locks in the middle of the round, made a bogey on 1, but it was up and down after that. It was nice to finish on a good note, birdieing three of the last four.

Q. Were conditions different than yesterday?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Yeah, the wind is much less and the greens are softer than they were yesterday for us. So scoring should be pretty easy out there.

Q. You find yourself in these playoffs, do you get more fired up for these playoffs than you do say a regular event?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Not necessarily. It's another event. Same goal. Trying to shoot the lowest score that you can and give yourself a chance on Sunday to see if you can win a golf tournament. That's kind of my attitude. Yes, it is the playoffs and there is a little carrot at the end of it or a big carrot at the end of it, but you have to take care of today before you worry about that.

Q. Take me through the three birdies coming in, those four holes?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: I pulled my tee shot on 6, left rough, kind of where I hit it every time I play here. And caught a big flier, knew it. Pulled the wedge shot and it hit into the slope, kind of comes back just past pin-high. If it didn't jump it goes in the water, but it jumped, flew on the green and comes back, and made it from 25 feet. Kind of a left-to-right down the hill, breaks three feet.

Played the par-5 great. Hit the fairway, hit 3-wood up there just short of the green, then had a pitch across the green to two or three feet and make that.

And then missed from 10 feet on 8. Probably the best shot I hit coming in on No. 8 and missed from 10 feet, kind of a big breaker.

On 9, hit driver, 9-iron to ten and a half feet and made that going down the hill.

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