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September 5, 2015

Charley Hoffman

Norton, Massachusetts

Q. 9-under par, 63. They say when the sun shines you make hay, and you made bundles of it today.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, I got off to a good start. I kept it going pretty solid on the back nine, which was my front nine. Had a good par save on 3. And had a couple of good swings coming in. A sloppy bogey on 8, which was my 17th. And a nice birdie to finish it off.

Q. On the eve of this championship you'd tell anyone who's listening I'm playing -- really feeling good about my game. What's it about this golf course that brings out the best in Charley Hoffman?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: This is one of those courses you get on the tee, set up well, and the visuals are good. And I tend to make a few more putts than average for me out here on these greens, which is nice.

Q. Did you have a particular goal coming in in terms of where you want to be in the point standings heading towards the week?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: No, not really, I was just trying to get a good week under my belt after an average week last week. I was just trying to play good golf and have a chance on Sunday. The first two days I'm obviously in a nice position, but we've got a lot of golf left.

Q. Five years ago, on his way to victory at this event Charley Hoffman closed with 62. On this day it was 63. How pleased are you with the effort?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It's nice. I played a good, solid round of golf with a lot of good golf shots. I made a good amount of my birdies from 10, 20 feet, which obviously sets up perfectly for a pretty low round.

Q. How are these conditions you saw this morning as opposed to the windy first round?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Oh, it's perfect. The greens were perfect this morning. Got a little more bounce in them today, but they're as smooth as can be, and rolling nice.

Q. A chance to win this event for the second time, an opportunity for more FedExCup points and a last audition for The Presidents Cup, how do you digest that all and just focus on playing golf?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: First off, hit fairways and hit the green, try to make the putt. All that falls hand in hand after that. If you play good golf it will all pile up in the end.

Q. Knowing you've won here has got to be big?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You know, it was a little different five years ago, I came from a decent back on Sunday, so I didn't have to deal with the lead. Anytime you are in the lead you put a lot of pressure on yourself. And obviously I've got to deal with that tonight. Going to hang out with the kids this evening and then sleep on it. Obviously have a late tee time tomorrow and just try to keep doing what I'm doing, making a lot of putts and hitting a decent amount of fairways for me, which is a nice combo.

Q. Was there something not reflected in your game that we didn't see that you felt that kind of got this coming, or did it just come out of the blue?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I would say it came more out of the blue. It's one of those you step on this golf course and I've had decent success out here, and you just get on and you have obviously good memories from when I played well, and the visual set up good. Whenever I start making putts it's usually I shoot pretty well. And I've made a decent amount of putts this week.

Q. A lot of people talked about the wind and tough pin positions yesterday. What differences were out there today?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: The wind didn't blow, one. There's still a few good pin placements out there. In the morning I wouldn't say it was soft, but receptive greens and they were as smooth as can be this morning for us. And I was able to make a good amount of putts.

Q. You kind of set the pace in this tournament. Now what do you do for the rest of the day and what do guys have to look at when they see your score?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I expect someone to shoot pretty low this afternoon if the conditions stay the same. I expect someone to be somewhat near where I'm at at the end of the day. For the rest of the day, just same old stuff. I become dad. Two kids at home, probably go swimming at the hotel and take it easy.

Q. Is this love at first sight with this course or did it grow on you?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Which time? The course has changed about a dozen times. What Gil did with this golf course I think it transformed into a pretty good golf course. At first it wasn't that great, but I think it's turned into a course that guys like out here on Tour.

Q. Talk about that last putt.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Obviously coming off a bogey, I hit a good drive and hit a good 8-iron in there to about 12 or 15 feet. And obviously you want to cap the day off with a birdie and I was able to convert.

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