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September 5, 2015

Zach Johnson

Norton, Massachusetts

Q. This doesn't seem like a course that would suit your game that well, and yet you seem to play really good golf on courses that don't seem like they would suit your game. Is that a fair assessment?
ZACH JOHNSON: I don't know about the second part. I strategically try to play the ones that do. Granted, this is the playoffs, right? But this one, you'd be surprised, in the sense that I've got a lot of loft in my hands on a lot of holes. I was making the comment the other day, I want to say it's 11 holes where I feel like I've got 8-iron on down. And occasionally a par-3, depending on where the pin is and the wind. I've got to take advantage of the par-5s, I've got to take advantage of the short holes. For the most part I've done that.

Q. I don't know anyone that loves 18, where do you stand on it?
ZACH JOHNSON: I didn't like it today. And then I loved it afterwards. If that makes any sense. I was actually posing on the second shot. I actually said, "Get down." When I said, "Get down," that's how poorly we misjudged the wind. I almost hit a 3-iron and I hit a 5-wood. If I hit the 3-iron -- I was in the hazard, but it really wasn't that bad.

The green is not terrific. It doesn't really match the rest of the golf course. You saw it yesterday with Henrik, he had a great shot in there and it literally died and just trickled off the edge. That's a bit severe.

But all that being said you've still got to think and you can miss it right and still make birdie. You can hit it on the green and make eagle. We saw that today, too. It's not terrific, but it's not the worse.

Q. Zach, we had a couple of laughs out there. You were Houdini out there on the par-5s. Talk me through that shot on 18 and what you were really thinking there going into it?
ZACH JOHNSON: Well, 18 I had 3-iron out and, you know what, wind is a little bit in and off to the left. I better go with the 5-wood. I hit a good 5-wood. I said, "Get down." It got down. I completely misjudged. And I was a club and a half misjudging it. I had more in it with the 5-wood. I was just trying to get it to the front of the green and let it release on out there. It was a perfect number. And evidently I misjudged it. But I got a little fortunate with the lie and obviously being able to hit it. Making the putt, that part is just ridiculous. But I'm trying to play for a five and got lucky and made a four.

Q. I think bogey-free rounds are great. You've been doing that a little bit of late. You're playing really well.
ZACH JOHNSON: Thank you.

Q. That putt you made on No. 5 today?
ZACH JOHNSON: That was once again ridiculous. That was huge. The worst shot I hit all day was that second shot.

Q. Horrible lie that you got?
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, it wasn't a great lie, either. It spun and everything, I don't know how that happened. But another foot or two and I'm probably within six, seven, eight feet. And it spun down to the right, obviously. I don't know what that was, probably 40-some feet. And I saw it the last six, seven feet, and you've got to be kidding me. It went right in the middle. Sometimes you need those breaks to keep going. I was trying to eliminate the big, big number. I got lucky and made a four.

Q. Going into the weekend the course is going to firm up. I think you're going to be pretty excited about that. This is a big golf course, but it's not playing that big right now. You've got every opportunity in the world if you put the ball in the fairway.
ZACH JOHNSON: That's just it. The ball is running a little bit in the fairway. I have a lot of loft in my hands on a lot of holes. And the greens, especially if it gets humid -- we're supposed to get a warm front and close to 90 degrees. They can't not water them. They're going to be saturated enough that we can hold some shots. It's going to take probably a few more 65s, a couple more 65s, if I want to really climb the board. I'm in position, that's all I can ask for.

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