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September 4, 2015

Gary Woodland

Norton, Massachusetts

Q. It played about as hard as we've seen it, and you did not score as if it was hard?
GARY WOODLAND: It definitely played tougher than it played the last couple of years. That northeast wind, it's a direction that we haven't seen in a long time out here. The par-5s are playing into the wind. The greens are very fast. And there were some tricky pins, as well. I'm happy with 3-under, I'm happy with the start I'm at. The wind is supposed to be the same direction the next couple of days so hopefully it's more of the same.

Q. Is there any one particular --
GARY WOODLAND: Yesterday I sent a lot of video back to Jim McLean. Something clicked. Started hitting pretty good yesterday and it's more of the same today. It's nice to be healthy again, it's nice to feel like I control the golf ball again.

Q. Gary, you're healthy, something clicks and then the confidence comes from that?
GARY WOODLAND: Very quickly. It came back very quickly. Yesterday was a very good day. It was nice to get off early today. I was the last off in the Pro Am yesterday. So I didn't get out of here until 7:45. It was nice to get up this morning and keep the momentum going and keep that confidence up.

Q. What did you figure out?
GARY WOODLAND: I've been hurt for a while, obviously going into the PGA, got hurt really at the British. So I've just gotten into some bad habits, I was dealing with an injury. Playing through it was probably not the best idea. Being healthy now, just trying to get out of those habits. I'm able to do it now.

Q. Is it something you're injured, you start to compensate for the injury, and that shatters your confidence?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I haven't played a tournament healthy since Hartford. Last week was the first time I was back. I was a little rusty, but now it's starting to click, and it's nice.

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