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March 23, 1999

Marlene Weingartner


VERONIQUE MARCHAL: Questions in English.

Q. Could you talk about the tournament and your thoughts on your match today?

MARLENE WEINGARTNER: Like one week ago, last Sunday, I started the qualifying. I wouldn't have thought that I'm going to be in round four of this tournament. I had a really good week. I think I deserved it because I really worked hard to get here. Also the month before. Today was my first time I played Hingis, my first time. I went on the court pretty calm. I knew I had nothing to lose. I tried hard. She's very solid. That's why she's No. 1. I think I learned a lot out of the match for the next time.

Q. What did you learn?

MARLENE WEINGARTNER: I mean, in the beginning of the match I wanted to finish the points too early. I was confident to hit the winners and to hit the ball, but she was running and she got everything back, so I had to stay also in there and play a few balls and rallies. Then she was missing too, that was happening in the second set a little bit. I think I was a little bit tired today. My legs were a little slow. I didn't get to all the balls because I played six matches before. I had a good feeling still about the match, even if it was 6-Love, 6-2. I think there were some very close games which could have been also the other way.

Q. Your team captain told me you played Berlin. What was your biggest success before?

MARLENE WEINGARTNER: In the women's, I was last year at the US Open also. I qualified and I reached second round, lost to Steffi. I played also Fed Cup. I won my match there. I had good success in the Juniors. I was three times finalist in the Juniors, in the French Open, Australian Open, US Open. I finished my school last year also. That's why I really started focusing since last year, July.

Q. You will be living in Germany?

MARLENE WEINGARTNER: Yeah, in Heidelberg. That's pretty much it. I played a few little tournament tournaments, like 50,000, I was finalist.

Q. Do you come from the same city as Boris Becker?


Q. Since Becker became famous, is this a big motivation? Do you have a tennis center or just a coincidence?

MARLENE WEINGARTNER: It's a small city. But I started to play there in the center, the tennis center, where always Steffi practiced, Becker, Anke Huber. I left it when I was 14. I just stayed there for two years. We still kept the ATP there. We actually also got the ATP from Boris, same ATP. He gave it to us.

Q. Have you ever played Kournikova?

MARLENE WEINGARTNER: In '90. It was long time. But since then, no.

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