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August 30, 2015

Camilo Villegas

Edison, New Jersey

Q. It looks like you're moving up a little bit. A little room to spare. A nice up-and-down there at 18.
CAMILO VILLEGAS: You know what, as bad as I putted today, I think I made the hardest putt today. That putt on 18 was very tricky, very fast, double breaker, going left, going right. Barely touched it and it went in, so...

You know what, I'm a little disappointed, to be honest, the way I played today. I had a bunch of 3-putts. Just didn't feel very comfortable with the putter. For three weeks I felt good over the putts. Yeah, maybe a little nervous, a little anxious. It's for the Playoffs, too. You want to keep advancing.

Obviously it's been one of those years where I haven't played my best. I don't want to be in that situation. You know what, it's actually okay to be there. You have a year there, you put yourself a little pressure, you get yourself in that situation. Once again, hasn't been the best two years. Situations like this only going to make me better.

I mean, yes, I didn't make as many putts as I wanted to today. But we got another chance next week.

Q. You've won two of these events in the past. That's got to help you as you go forward.
CAMILO VILLEGAS: Yeah, it changes quick, man. 2008 I missed the cut this week, and then I finished third, win, win. I don't know how I didn't win it. Yes, there's a lot that can happen.

Looking forward to next week.

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