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August 29, 2015

Julia Goerges

Lucie Hradecka


6‑3, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Talk about your match today, and about winning.
JULIA GOERGES: I always have to start (laughter).
Well, obviously it was a very good tournament for us. We had some pretty good matches, good wins here. I think to get through yesterday was a very deciding match for us 'cause we beat one of the best doubles in the world.
Well, today we just tried to keep the momentum going, trying to play our game, being aggressive, just take it right away away from them. That's what we managed to do well.
Obviously we were a bit lucky here and there because of some deuce points. Yesterday we lost a lot. Today we won a lot. That can go very quick in doubles.
Today, luckily for us, it went our way.

Q. Have you two played together a lot this year?
LUCIE HRADECKA: Yeah, we play one in Eastbourne on grass. This was our second.

Q. What made you get together here?
JULIA GOERGES: Basically she has a regular partner with Andrea. I used to have a regular partner, too. Since Andrea played quallies in US Open, we played so far always the week ahead of a Grand Slam.
We'll see. Now the Grand Slams are over for this year, we have to find some other options.

Q. Can you talk about how your playing styles complement each other.
LUCIE HRADECKA: I think our styles is pretty similar. We both go for the balls. We don't wait for what's happen on the court.
So good serve, good return. Julie play great on the baseline. I have a chance to cross on the net. I think was, like, the key of this tournament.

Q. You were in Petra's box yesterday. Is that who you're supporting today?
LUCIE HRADECKA: I would like be there in Petra box as well. But we have a car. We go to New York. I hope so she will win without me (smiling).

Q. What did you think of the tournament, being here in New Haven this week?
LUCIE HRADECKA: For me was a great tournament. It was my third final here in New Haven. I never hold the trophy. I think this day's a little bit special. I'm so happy in the third I am in first place.

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