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August 29, 2015

Zach Johnson

Edison, New Jersey

Q. I know you're not happy with the ending, but all in all, I thought a good round for you.
ZACH JOHNSON: I played good. A couple mishaps and a couple missed opportunities. I made some putts, missed some putts. It's probably what I should have -- I hit it good enough to shoot a low number today. A couple unlucky breaks quite frankly, a spike mark here in the rough, that kind of thing. But that's golf.

Certainly way more positives than negatives.

Q. Some of your biggest wins, you've come-from-behind and looks like tomorrow you have a chance for another one.
ZACH JOHNSON: There's a lot of golf left, anything can happen, especially on this golf course. If it continues to firm up, it's going to require a lot of precision, a lot of fairways. You know, I'm certainly not out of it. Just going to keep doing what I'm doing.

Q. Another solid round today, didn't end the way you wanted to, but still had a great stretch of no bogeys going for a long time. How was it out there today?
ZACH JOHNSON: It was good. Had a long stretch going there for a while. I left some out there. Obviously the one on 18 sticks out. But there's probably two or three more that I felt like I left out there.

You know, a couple inopportune breaks but at the same time, I made a few putts. Probably all evens out to a degree. But I'm hitting the ball well enough certainly to putt up a good number tomorrow.

I think bottom line is, I'm doing good things. If I just keep staying in that process, keep the golf course in front of me more or less, stay below the hole, as they say, I think some good opportunities will come. I'm expecting some tough pins. I'm expecting maybe a little bit of wind tomorrow. It was pretty benign today. It's going to require a lot of patience and I think hopefully that confidence can bring some momentum.

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