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August 28, 2015

Zach Johnson

Edison, New Jersey

Q. A bogey-free 65, you have to be pleased with that. What was the best part? I thought your putter was just really good today?
ZACH JOHNSON: Without question, my putter. I hit it okay. I can think of one maybe pretty errant shot and I made a nice par putt. There was a couple nice saves in there for par, a couple miss-reads on the speed on the longer putts. But all in all, really, really solid.

You said it, even the putts that I'm trying to save were right in the middle, so I was very pleased.

Q. What's the key to putting on these things, because I described them as potato chips. There's no flat spots. What do you have to do, below the hole or what?
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, try to stay below the hole. I think when you have some loft in your hand, you can be somewhat aggressive. But for the most part, taking the conservative line, using the slopes, rather than trying to fight against them seems to be working.

But it's just patience. You're going to hit good shots and not get rewarded and hit errant shots and they are going to be errant. It's just tough. Especially with this wind, it's not easy.

Q. What have you found?
ZACH JOHNSON: That first nine, I hit it pretty darned good. I lipped-out two or 3-putts that first side and Damon was like, just stay patient. I felt good about things. I was hitting fairways for the most part. Yeah, I missed some putts, but the putter heated up on that back side. I tell you what, making that, I don't know what it was, 7- to 9-footer on 18 yesterday to close my day, gave me a little momentum for this morning.

Q. Lastly, how much fun is it to come to a place like New York where you are here as the reigning Open Champion; that's got to be cool.
ZACH JOHNSON: It's awesome. Doesn't matter where we go, it's been a very nice warm embrace. The fans out here are sports fans so they get it, and very kind. Jersey and New York fans are about as good as they get.

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