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August 23, 2015

Alena Sharp

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Q. Obviously not the way you wanted to finish this tournament, but assess your tournament overall?
ALENA SHARP: I'm happy with everything. I just didn't make any putts the last two days. Normally the old me would like go and like de construct my putting stroke, but I just didn't read the greens as well as I read them in Portland and that was the difference between last week and this week.

I'm hitting it well and looking forward to next week. I think it's a good golf course for me and this is a good, positive momentum -- it's given me momentum into next week and into Evian. Overall I'm happy, I got to play the weekend and I haven't done that since 2009. There's a lot of positives.

Q. Did the greens firm up a lot over the weekend? Seemed like a lot of players were grinding over short putts?
ALENA SHARP: Yeah, I think the golf course is way too firm in my opinion. I had a couple barren lies in the fairway today and it's hard to spin it and then the greens are firm. So it's just a guessing game at times, and trying to keep it below the hole, it's so hard to do that. They have gotten firm every day, and it's just tough conditions.

Q. You said yesterday that off the tee, you were not as sharp as you would like to be; five fairways today. Is it hard to attack this course when you're not in the fairway?
ALENA SHARP: Yeah, I got good lies in the rough today but my drives were just off, like a step off. So yeah, you have to be in the fairway to attack the pins, especially if you have wedges in your hand. It's just easier to get it to stop.

Q. What's your schedule like coming up?
ALENA SHARP: Next week, and then I get to go home to Phoenix for six days and then I'm going to France. Then we'll see how I do these next two weeks to get into Asia and CME. My last tournament could be in a couple weeks. But we'll see. I hope not.

Q. Is there anything you might work on in particular going forward?
ALENA SHARP: I'm just going to get some rest. It's been two crazy weeks, and just get ready to tee it up next week. Just keep on working on just the fundamentals, grip and ball position.

Q. As a Canadian coming into this championship, do you put more pressure on yourself? I know Mike Weir in the past always said he put pressure on himself because he wanted to win the tournament so bad. Do you find that?
ALENA SHARP: I think this year is probably the best year for me not doing that. Maybe a felt that a little bit today. I wanted to climb the leaderboard today.

Yeah, it's hard. I think all Canadians do it. I was proud of myself how I didn't do it the first two days here, so hopefully next year I can do it for four days.

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