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adidas International

January 12, 2004

Cindy Watson


THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. At 4-3 in the opening set, that must have been comforting for you?

CINDY WATSON: 4-3, yeah. I wouldn't say "comforting." Better than being down 4-3. But, yeah, I just went out there and really went for my shots. I had nothing to lose, and that's how I played, so... She came up with some good shots when she needed to, and that's what Top 10 players do the best. Bit unfortunate, but oh, well.

Q. You played like you felt you had a good chance?


Q. You didn't play like your ranking. Did you need to talk yourself up to the match?

CINDY WATSON: No, not really. Like I said, I just wanted to go for it. I had absolutely nothing to lose. I know she's ranked, you know, Top 10 - or seeded Top 10 anyway. But, I mean, I've played those matches before. And having that confidence, knowing I can compete with those girls, it's good.

Q. What happened between November 2002 up until now, when you had a really good ranking after your third round in the Australian Open?

CINDY WATSON: Yeah, I haven't played for a while. Last year --

Q. Reason?

CINDY WATSON: Few injuries.

Q. What were they?

CINDY WATSON: I had a shoulder -- you know, nothing major. Just a few things that have kept coming up. I just wanted to fix them all. Yeah, I did that and decided to take a break and, you know, get fit and get back into it this year.

Q. When did you start to get fit, work yourself back into the match? When did you start that, June, July, August last year?

CINDY WATSON: I was doing fitness since July, August, and I played my first tournaments in October and November, the satellites.

Q. What's the goal for 2004?

CINDY WATSON: Get my ranking back to, you know, at least under 250. That will be a nice start.

Q. No illness or anything?


Q. Are you qualified for the Australian Open?

CINDY WATSON: I'm not yet, but I'm hoping for a wildcard.

Q. You sound a little bit tired.

CINDY WATSON: It's 9:30 (laughing).

Q. Past our bedtime, too.

CINDY WATSON: Past mine.

Q. Is it the match or...? You just sound...

CINDY WATSON: Tired? Do I? It's late for me. I train early in the mornings at home, and I've been doing gym all week since just before I got here. I go to bed early. I mean, I was obviously awake during my match, but... (smiling).

Q. Whereabouts in Melbourne are you from?

CINDY WATSON: Somerville.

Q. What does the experience of tonight do? What does it offer you in terms of getting back on track?

CINDY WATSON: Confidence. It was tough coming back mentally, I think, more so than physically. During the satellites that I first started back, mentally it was really hard getting through qualifying. I just thought, "Wow, this is really hard to get back." But, you know, after playing today or tonight, I feel that I can get back there where I was.

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