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August 22, 2015

Alison Lee

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Q. Alison, you must be pretty happy with that?
ALISON LEE: Yeah, definitely, I'm really happy with my round. I was striking the ball really well. I had a lot of opportunities for birdie out there today, so definitely no complaints there. But yeah, overall I'm really happy with how I played and hopefully I can continue; I can play for tomorrow and hopefully the next few weeks.

Q. After a round like that, do you feel it puts you in the mix tomorrow?
ALISON LEE: Yeah, for sure. Obviously they are not done yet but I will be in contention. I'm going to be up on the leaderboard, so yeah, hopefully tomorrow I'm just going to play aggressively and do the best I can.

Q. You've been in this position a few times already this year. What did you learn from those experiences that you take into tomorrow?
ALISON LEE: Yeah, I have been disappointed a lot this year for a couple tournaments. I've been in contention a couple times but it was all definitely a learning experience for me.

So yeah, I just need to be confident and I need to hit good shots tomorrow, and stay positive and take my time on each shot. I notice I get fast and anxious during the round. So yeah, just take my time and not expect too much and not get too ahead of myself, because I notice I do that sometimes, as well. So just be thankful for being out there and having a chance.

Q. Were you aware of where you were at on the Solheim Cup rankings heading into the week?
ALISON LEE: Oh, for sure. It's been everywhere. I've been checking the rankings every second of every day. I have been since I turned pro this year, just to see where I am.

So it definitely been on my mind, and it has definitely put some pressure on me. But I feel like I've used that pressure to my advantage, because I love playing under pressure. So yeah, just the thought of potentially being on the team and hopefully now it's kind of getting more clear that I might be on the team. So it's really exciting for me. It's just great.

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