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August 22, 2015

Webb Simpson


Q. 3rd round 64. Excellent round of golf for you. How would you access your round today?
WEBB SIMPSON: It was good. I felt really good just kind of throughout my whole game. Made a couple kind of mental mistakes on 3 and 11 but other than that, a really good round and probably kind of kick start my way back into this golf tournament. Hopefully the leaders won't get too far away from me.

Q. You're safely inside the FedExCup. How much are you using this week to kind of looking ahead being good for the FedExCup?
WEBB SIMPSON: It's big. Every year I want to make it to Atlanta, that's a favorite tournament of mine. I love being there. No matter how you play throughout the year if you're in Atlanta it's a pretty good year. That definitely feels and hope to do well.

Q. Tomorrow a lot of guys on top of the leaderboard. What will be your thinking tomorrow?
WEBB SIMPSON: There's some birdie holes coming up. I imagine being one back now will probably be four, five back tomorrow so I may need a low one, if not even lower than today.

Q. Good finish. Pretty exciting way to finish.
WEBB SIMPSON: I played good. Two blips but today everything kind of came together. Hit my iron shots well and made some putts. One of those days where the golf course firms out, the ball was going far. I knew there would be some low scores. I saw where Jonas shot 62. I imagine I'll be a few back. Nonetheless, good effort.

Q. (Inaudible.)
WEBB SIMPSON: Absolutely. Got to go out tomorrow and stay aggressive and keep trying to make birdies and putts. I'm sure I'll need a special one but it's out there.

Q. What do you think it's going to take tomorrow, you don't want to put a score out there but everyone has been going low all week.
WEBB SIMPSON: I think if the conditions stay really good I think somebody is going to have to get 18, 19-under, depending on what they do coming in. Tiger makes a few birdies, it might be more than that.

Q. Is this good going into The Playoffs?
WEBB SIMPSON: I hope so. I love coming here and try to play well because it sets up for the next couple weeks and get a break after Boston. Next week's course I think is the course most like this one, as far as the rotation, shorter course, doglegs.
And I really enjoyed it in 2011. Hopefully I can take this form and get in Barclays and play well.

Q. Webb, tomorrow's round going to be kind of crazy with Tiger here and everything. Talk about the excitement level to Sunday's round here at the Wyndham.
WEBB SIMPSON: It will be great. There's so much energy out there. I know the city has embraced Tiger coming here and I'm really happy for Wyndham, what great people and all the people that put this tournament on, Bobby Long and Mark Brazil and the whole crew. The course is perfect. Hopefully it will be a great Sunday.

Q. You won this before. Does that help you tomorrow?
WEBB SIMPSON: I think so. Kind of having a gauge for how the golf course is playing and what guys are doing, but, you know, again, I got stay aggressive no matter what happens and go out and try to get a few birdies early.

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