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August 21, 2015

Alison Lee

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Q. Just knowing kind of the pressure that you felt coming into the week about Solheim Cup or whatever, how impressed have you been by how you've been able to play so far this week?
ALISON LEE: I've definitely been really happy, especially playing well last week and kind of getting into the Top-10 through Rolex. It definitely gave me confidence for this week.

A lot of people had asked me what I've been doing to kind of cope with the pressure and all that, and I know a lot of players have been saying, oh, I'll just play well on the course and everything will work itself.

But I really enjoy playing under pressure and I always have, so I kind of used this whole situation for my benefit and kind of let it fuel my fire and help me play more aggressively. So it was definitely a lot more fun playing the past few weeks. Definitely I really enjoyed the pressure and being right on the edge, so obviously making the cut this week and being in a good position for the weekend, I'm really happy.

Q. Did you think entering this year as a rookie that you might even have a chance for Solheim? Is it something you put on your goal list?
ALISON LEE: For sure, as soon as I turned pro in September and gave up my amateur status, definitely Solheim Cup was on my mind. I played in three Junior Solheim Cups. I played in the Junior Solheim Cup two years ago. So I got to watch all my friends, like Jessica, Lexi, who played with me on the Junior Solheim Cup when we were 13, I got to see them play on the professional level while I was on the junior level. I knew turning pro this year, it was definitely on my agenda.

So, yeah, I'm really happy with how I've played this year. Obviously it's been a great rookie class. It's been hard to kind of catch up with a lot of the other girls who have already won, but I feel like I've been doing well for myself and I'm really happy my position right now.

Q. Looking to the weekend, what are going to be the keys to you keeping up this strong play?
ALISON LEE: Definitely be patient, because I feel like it's going to be a long weekend. I'm going to be counting down until Sunday evening when it's over to finally hear if I made it officially into the Solheim Cup team. So definitely a long weekend, so just kind of paced myself and not rush into anything, and just enjoy Vancouver.

Q. Is this golf course -- you've played on a lot of different golf courses. Are there certain one that is suit your game? Is this one you feel like you can take advantage?
ALISON LEE: Yeah, definitely, growing up in California, I grew up on poa annua greens, and I'm used to courses with trees lined down the fairway and stuff. But definitely, I really like this type of course and same with last week in Oregon and so on, so, yeah.

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