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August 20, 2015

Davis Love III


Q. Fun following you. I know slow starts have been kind of what you've been up to lately. Today was a great start.
DAVIS LOVE, III: Great start. Come right of the gate on the first hole. Hit a lot of fairways, gave myself a lot of opportunities.
It was a very good day and I'd like to get off to a good start especially when you have an afternoon tee time, get ahead of the game a little bit. Friday mornings are always a good time to score.

Q. I thought the putting stroke looked really good. You were aggressive with lot of birdie tries right on the edge.
DAVIS LOVE, III: Jack Lumpkin gave me a great putting lesson before I went to the PGA. It didn't pay off there but now it is. I hit a lot of good putts. Short ones I'm more confident with knocking one in. I knocked one by the hole but knocking them in the back.
I fell like I'm starting to stroke the putter a little bit better. When I get on bermuda greens I get a little bit more confident.

Q. You've won this event twice, never here. University of North Carolina guy. This has got to be special, just the whole field, this environment.
DAVIS LOVE, III: It's nice to come back. Got of lot of fans and family here in town. Lot of tickets for the weekend, those kind of things. It's nice to come back.
Greensboro has always been good to me. Forest Oaks was a good place to play the tournament. Obviously the players love it here. A great classic golf course.

Q. Davis, excellent start. Just get some comments on your round.
DAVIS LOVE, III: Good start. Birdied the first hole and got off to a nice, solid start. Hit a lot of fairways and gave myself a lot of opportunities so it was a good day on a hot afternoon.

Q. Tuesday when you and Tiger played a practice round, what did you share with him?
DAVIS LOVE, III: I gave him a bunch of information that was pretty much useless. I told him you could hit iron off this hole or that hole. Now it's wet and sticky and not getting any run, playing a lot longer.
Showed him around a little bit. Obviously talking about the greens. He had never seen these greens before. We walked on the first green, "Oh my gosh, they're fast."
Just good to get out there. He's probably helped me in the last two, three weeks more than I've helped him just watching him, talking about putting, talking about trying to win golf tournaments rather than just trying to come out here and make cuts.
So, it's been good for both of us and it's always fun to get out and play with him.

Q. Has he inspired you mechanically or mentally?
DAVIS LOVE, III: Just watching him putt. He kind of questioned the grip I had on my putter. "Where did that come from?" Little things like that, you know.
He reminded me of a couple things I always did well and then watching him play. I mean you get up close and watch him play you learn something. It's been fun and obviously he had a good round this morning and the holes were good.

Q. What does it mean to this tournament and the city with him here and all?
DAVIS LOVE, III: I walked up to the clubhouse Tuesday afternoon and just a bunch of people waiting for him to arrive. I think that's exciting. The fans here, the response is everybody is excited to have him here.
It shows we need him in the game playing well. When he shows up to play, the fans get excited, the tournament gets excited and it's very boost-full. A great week for them. Unbelievable. Adam Scott and Billy Horschel and Luke Donald playing behind him. Great field and exciting for Greensboro. This tournament has really come around.

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