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August 20, 2015

William McGirt


Q. William, you were out early this morning and got started early with the birdie at 10. That was a great iron shot, your second shot. You kind of continued that throughout the day, didn't you?
WILLIAM MCGIRT: Yeah. It was a great way to start the day. Got it out there, had a perfect number and actually had a lot of really good numbers in the fairway all day. I was kind of lucky there.
Yeah, I mean anytime you birdie 15 good birdie especially at 7:00 a.m. Kind of tough starting out the first -- really see a ridge well enough to tell exactly which way it's going. Missed about six feet.
So, it was a little dark early but played pretty solid all day.

Q. Your iron play was exceptional. How proud are you of that 62? I know you missed a couple out there but man that was pretty stellar.
WILLIAM MCGIRT: I'd love to have the putt back on 7. The putt on 9 I hit it right where I was looking. I watched Troy's ball go hard right. I hit it right where I was looking. Didn't go in.
You know, putted we would all day. Can't complain.

Q. I know you're from Spartanburg and love this place. Long way to go. What a special day.
WILLIAM MCGIRT: Yeah. I had a couple places to get my first win, it would be here or Charlotte or Hilton Head because I had live in South Carolina now. Growing up in North Carolina in Charlotte. We're still three days away from that. It would be nice.

Q. Keep it going.

Q. South Carolina but still not too far away from Greensboro. The lowest round of your career out there. It looked pretty easy from our perspective. Was the game easy for you today?
WILLIAM MCGIRT: Today was probably the easiest round I had all year. Drove it in the fairway most of the day. The fairways I missed were barely missed. And I think I hit 15 greens. Really the hardest I had on 5, two-putt for birdie, up the ridge and down. I hit a great putt to get it there. Pretty solid day. Fairly stress-free.

Q. Talked to you this year, talked to your caddy. Feel like you've been striking the ball well. You've been building up for something. What does a number like this do on that journey?
WILLIAM MCGIRT: The best thing is it proves what I'm working on is right. We put a lot of time in just having goals. I've been hitting it better. Really putting it better than the scoring. (Inaudible). I haven't been getting the results out of it. Sit there burning the edges all day, hitting it 20, 25 feet you won't make a lot of them. (Inaudible).
Nice to finally get the bonus for how well I actually played.

Q. Thanks for your time.

Q. Tell us about your round. Great round.
WILLIAM MCGIRT: Yeah. It was a really solid day. Drove it pretty well all day. Hit a lot of really good iron shots and made a lot of putts. So, you know, it was a good solid round and I've played better all year than the scores have indicated.
So it was nice to finally get something out of it and just brings all the work we've been putting is is finally paying off.

Q. Kind of a home game for you?
WILLIAM MCGIRT: Very much so. I grew up two and a half hours from here down in Fairmont. I live in Spartanburg now. Little over two hours now. I was telling them earlier if there was one place I could get my first win here or at Charlotte or Hilton Head simply because I live in South Carolina now for Hilton Head. Growing up in North Carolina here, Charlotte would be great.

Q. Did you know that you were one shot away from the course record on 9?
WILLIAM MCGIRT: I had no idea.

Q. How do you feel about missing that last putt considering the great round that you had?
WILLIAM MCGIRT: I hit it right where I was looking. I played more break than -- break a little bit less than what I thought. I watched Troy's putt break right as it lost speed. I played it a cup and it probably was only two balls. But I hit it right where I was looking. The one I wish I could have back was on 7.

Q. Great start for you. I mean did you expect this type of form in the first round here at this golf course?
WILLIAM MCGIRT: Like I said, I've been playing better all year than what the scores have indicated. This is nice to finally get something out of it. We had a couple of really good sessions with my coach earlier this week so it was nice to finally be rewarded forward playing well.

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