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August 20, 2015

Brooke Henderson

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Q. How pleased were you to have a solid round after the crazy six days that have been under you?
BROOKE HENDERSON: You know, it was an amazing day today. The crowds were unbelievable, and just to be back home in Canada and playing in front of them was really cool. Today was a little bit up and down, but I was able to get it together a little more on the back nine and finish 2-under.

Q. Was it easy for you to focus with all that attention there?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I wasn't too unfocused at any part of the day. If I can continue to build off the crowd's energy the next couple of days, I think it will be good.

Q. What was it like stepping on to that first tee box?
BROOKE HENDERSON: It was cool. It was the first time as an LPGA member, right after the win last week, I really wanted to get another good number today, and 2-under, I'll take it. The course wasn't easy out there today, though Karine Icher is making it look that way. But I'm excited to get back out at it tomorrow.

Q. How much has your life changed in the last week to ten days?
BROOKE HENDERSON: A lot, a lot, but it's all for the better. As I mentioned, first time LPGA Tour member and playing off of a win, and hopefully I'll just have more victories in the future.

Q. Was there any part of the whole day that caught you off guard that you didn't expect?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I don't think so. Going into today, I was hoping there would be quite a few people watching and the course was pretty similar to the last few days. It was a little bit wet in the morning time, and didn't really dry up the way it had yesterday and the day before. But overall the conditions were pretty similar, and I think going forward I can stick to my game plan. I think some low scores are on the horizon.

Q. What do you think the keys are to scoring on this particular golf course?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Really, ball placement, fairways and greens. The ball is releasing on the greens, so you've got to be careful where you're landing it so you give yourself a good uphill putt. You definitely want to stay below the hole. In fairways, the back nine is tight and narrow. If you're going to have your driver working, straight down the fairway always helps.

Q. When you get the kind of support you got today from the fans, I know you appreciate it, but is it hard to remain focused when you're hearing it all day like you did today?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I don't think so. Like I said, it was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it. If I can continue to build off their energy in the next three days, that will be good.

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