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August 20, 2015

Jessica Wallace

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Q. Were you happy with the way that your round went? It seemed like maybe just two holes on the back nine then?
JESSICA WALLACE: Yeah, I had it going on the front nine, not that I was stuffing it or anything, but I was just hitting smart shots. I didn't have a single chip on that front nine. So I knew fairways and greens were really important here and had that going. Just let one shot get away from me on the back and had to hit from a blackberry bush and it didn't turn out well.

Q. Is that what happened?
JESSICA WALLACE: Yeah, it wasn't the prettiest approach shot, so I can't really blame anyone else for where that ended up.

Q. So it was your approach, not your drive?
JESSICA WALLACE: Yeah, it was actually down the middle on the drive. And you're like, okay, it's a longer hole for us. I was debating whether to hit a 5-wood or hybrid, and I went with the 5-wood, and just chunk, snap-hooked it. Good times, yeah.

Q. It's frustrating to have that right towards the end of a pretty good round right after you had made birdie a couple of holes?
JESSICA WALLACE: Yeah, the closing holes here are not the easiest holes, so I wasn't happy with that double. But I made good par saves on 16, 17, and 18, so it's pretty easy to just forget about that and find the positives of the day.

Q. The greens, Johnny was saying, are pretty firm?

Q. The balls are running out?
JESSICA WALLACE: Even because we were out there at 7:15 in the morning and they were releasing a decent amount at that hour, which I was surprised with. Even though it's overcast, they're firming up even more now, so they're running great though. So it's a pretty good test.

Q. Is that something that you expect given the conditions that we've had here basically all summer when it's been dry and hot? I mean, this course looks like it's in pretty good shape, but I would imagine those greens would be fast given the conditions?
JESSICA WALLACE: Yeah, it's not something I'm used to in the Northwest. We have more receptive greens generally up here. But I was getting filled in from my parents on how the weather has doing up here because I haven't been here since January. So I figured they'd be a little bit baked. But the course is still very lush, and some of the rough is thick out there still. So even with the weather, greens are firm but rough is long.

Q. Is it special coming back to an event like this given that you're from just down the road here?
JESSICA WALLACE: Yeah, I love it. I've been fortunate to play a few Canadian Opens now. But this is the first time I've played it in B.C. I haven't even played a tournament in B.C. since maybe like B.C. AM four years ago or something. It's nice. I get to sleep in my own bed. I'm hanging out with my family. It's really cool.

Q. You have friends and family here?
JESSICA WALLACE: Yeah, I had a few friends from high school came out, a few golf friends came out, and then I know Barb and everyone like working with Golf Canada. It's really cool to have a bunch of people come out and support you. Even the people that don't know me are like, "Girl from Langley, go Jessica," and I'll take it.

Q. When you were growing up in Langley, what course did you predominantly play at?
JESSICA WALLACE: When I originally started out I was a member at Belmont with my parents, because that's where they were members at. But I was a member at Redwoods from probably '13 on. So that was the challenging course to play growing up, so Redwoods was really good to us growing up.

Q. How familiar are you with this course?
JESSICA WALLACE: Honestly, not at all. I can't even remember if I played it. If I have, maybe when I was 12, so that's not going to do me much good. So it was good to be able to come out and play that Pro-Am Monday, play Tuesday, and then got a good feel for it.

Q. How many more Symetra events are on the schedule?
JESSICA WALLACE: Got six left. Yeah, so luckily being able to play this didn't coincide. We have two weeks off, so not only did I get to play this, but I get to stay home next week. So it worked out perfectly with our schedule.

Q. Tomorrow you're in a decent position. If you shoot even par tomorrow you should have a good chance of playing the weekend, I would think, the way the scores look anyway so far.

Q. Will the conditions be even conceivably firmer and faster given you're playing in the afternoon?
JESSICA WALLACE: I'm going to assume that. They were firming up as we played along today even. So they're going to play firm and fast tomorrow, but if you're just prepared for it you shouldn't have that many surprises out there with it. So I'm just going to go out, hole by hole, shot by shot, take what comes.

Q. Is Darren out here at all this week?
JESSICA WALLACE: Yeah, he's in the hoodie over there talking with Johnny.

Q. I followed you on 16 and 17, and it seemed like you were able to be loose and smile a little bit, have a little bit of fun. Is that typical of your golf game or is that just a good relationship between you and your caddie? How does that work?
JESSICA WALLACE: I'm pretty laid back in general on the golf course. I don't like to not be talking or not joking around about something. But it obviously helps having Johnny on the bag for me this week, just because I've known him for so long. I haven't seen him in a while, but we grew up together pretty much. Seen him at tournaments, he played with my brother at tournaments too, so we were just catching up, having a good time.

Q. So like family friend then so to speak?
JESSICA WALLACE: Yeah, I guess, pretty much like a family friend. I've known him since we were like 7, 8, yeah.

Q. You got the Canucks thing?
JESSICA WALLACE: Of course, I had to rep it. It was funny because the Monday Pro-Am I got to play with Kirk McLean, and I was so pumped about that, so I brought out my Canucks jersey and had him sign it.

Q. Hey, '94, right?
JESSICA WALLACE: I was like, "You're a legend, sir, and you're a way bigger deal than I am in this Pro-Am, so I'm going to ask you for your autograph."

Q. How did that go Monday?
JESSICA WALLACE: It was so much fun, especially for me because I'm from this area and all that stuff, and I'm such a big Canucks fan that it was like, oh, my gosh, this is amazing.

Q. Have you been following a lot of what's been happening this summer?
JESSICA WALLACE: Yeah, I'm prepared for tough times ahead.

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